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Beware of "black online takeaway food channel – back — original title: beware of" black online takeaway comeback let undocumented restaurants comeback, online ordering platform to bear the primary responsibility, the food and drug administration departments must take the corresponding responsibility of supervision. At the same time to strengthen supervision, the platform should also increase penalties. The relevant departments shall impose heavy fines for the The loss outweighs the gain. The illegal platform should also suspend or restrict the development of ordering business in the relevant areas, make it difficult to achieve the original intention to seize market share, and ultimately lose power for illegal business operations. 26, the Beijing Municipal Food and Drug Administration interviewed again Baidu takeaway, Baidu Nuomi, U.S., home exchange, delicacy hungry five network ordering platform, informed the platform 30 problems mainly related to store information, not in accordance with the provisions of selling dish, not public license information, public license information alleged false, engaged in catering services beyond the scope of permission etc.. At present, Baidu, the U.S. group, hungry 13 network ordering platform publicity shop information rate in Beijing has been upgraded to 86.5%. (see related reports 04 Edition) from several online ordering platform, shop information publicity, after regulatory remediation, qualification of the Beijing area network operators takeaway is resolved, the network ordering chaos governance initial success. In recent years, with the rise of Internet sharing economy, the growing popularity of the network ordering form, "finger move, delicacy sent home, using a mobile phone software takeout has become a daily option. At the same time, the food safety problem of the network ordering is wide attention, several network ordering platform had been found widespread unlicensed shops, stores a health dirty shop, forged documents, photos and photo realistic network shows different problems, the majority of consumers enjoy the network ordering convenience, can not help but worry about their health. The centralized rectification although achieved certain results, but should guard against "black out" made a comeback in the end after a period of time. Unlicensed "black out" is a long-standing problem of network ordering platform. In 2015, Shanghai City Consumer Protection Committee conducted a survey of three platforms of the 100 households on the shop, only 39 restaurants provide a business license, food service license and other information, of which there are no information symbols, forgery problem, the survey shows "universal black takeaway" problem. This CCTV 3.15 party exposure an ordering on the platform of "black out", in the sewers, grease around dens. However, after the heat of public opinion gradually subsided, black takeaway and quietly returned to the platform and once again into the tens of thousands of households. Since this year, Beijing to initiate an investigation of three ordering platform has more than once, but someone’s illegal takeout restaurant offline speed, after the return speed is not slow, how to regulate the ordering platform has become a problem to test relevant departments supervision level. The online ordering platform, why repeated undocumented restaurant? Some operators claim that this is because the platform’s identification technology and lack of capacity. In fact, this excuse is untenable. By the media exposure in the "black out", online ordering platform, usually overnight)相关的主题文章: