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Beijing – VIDEO – Shanxi hundreds of female entrepreneurs to set up public welfare organization "kindness club" women’s health care [comment] in September 20th, Shanxi hundreds of female entrepreneurs in Taiyuan co founded the charity organization "the compassion society", in order to provide help through the platform orientation for poor students and women suffering from breast cancer and other diseases of the people. The same day, from Shanxi, Jinzhong, more than two cities in the city of Changzhi was helped by donations. Who lives in the history of Bei Xiang Dong Bao Cun Wuxiang Xinyue County of Changzhi City, South Korea is a high school student, a more than and 80 year old grandma and Grandpa were suffering from disease, my grandmother suffered from sequelae of cerebral hemorrhage, father lumbar disease, the home can not afford the farm. The burden of the whole family fell on the mother, the family life is very poor. About the incident, "the compassion society" is often the first time sponsor Li Jing to rescue Shi Xinyue, and decided to fund the school until graduation. There are also two students and a breast cancer patient. [] Shi Xinyue is some earlier students who love the manager of our Wuxiang and sister often go to our school and our class teacher to some places, then we teacher recommended me up, then I got my sister to help me, today came to the scene, and received people caring for my sister I am very grateful to you for help, they can help me learn. [interpretation] the same day, in the call of the usual, more than a hundred female entrepreneurs on the scene of the charity donation. Chang Jingli hope that through such a small move, can bring more people to participate in the women’s health care ranks, for some economic reasons for school children to help. The same period [] agency sponsors Chang Jingli compassion every year for some poor students and breast cancer patients, because in my heart, I of these two groups is really, often encounter the pain, so I will every year regularly to look for these poor students and breast cancer (patients) hope that through our compassion more than and 100 agencies entrepreneurial forces, then can help these poor students to complete their studies, and then be able to change their life. Reporter Wang Huilin Shanxi, Taiyuan reports相关的主题文章: