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Ali SAIC cooperation Internet car again the new first order has exceeded 100 thousand – Beijing new network in Hangzhou in November 18, (Zhao Xiaoyan) November 18th Guangzhou auto show, SAIC Group Alibaba again bursts of three YunOS system equipped with internet car, including MGZS, Roewe eRX5 and Roewe i6. At the same time, the Alibaba group YunOS President Zhang Chunhui officially announced the new Internet car business to upgrade to YunOSAuto, and in 2016 to become the FIFA Club World Cup title sponsor. YunOSAuto will cover a wider range of car types in the future, bringing more value to partners and users. In July 6th this year, SAIC Group and Alibaba jointly build the world’s first mass-produced car Internet release of Roewe RX5, car from not only run on the road, also run on the internet. In October, Roewe RX5 monthly sales exceeded 20 thousand units, as of now orders have exceeded 100 thousand. Among them, the Internet car accounted for up to 70% Internet car, produce amazing results. In today’s Guangzhou auto show, the Internet car family ushered in three new members. Not only is the release of the Roewe brand, also has 90 years of history, the international brand MG. The release of the models including positioning in the young people to the city of MGZS SUV, SAIC’s first plug-in hybrid SUV, Roewe eRX5 and Roewe I6 sedan. Zhang Chunhui, President of Alibaba group YunOS said the Internet allows the car to become the engine of data, each trip is to create value for society. Road bumps data, network signal data, high-definition road maps, etc., will provide a reference for improving social infrastructure. MG brand focus on young people, MGZS is also a young man born of the Internet car, through the data engine to understand the needs of young people, access to the lives of young people, the birth of a new way of life. As another highlight of this event, Alibaba group YunOS President Zhang Chunhui announced the news of the new upgrade of the Internet business for us. He said that due to the rapid development of the Internet car business, in order to more complete and more accurate reflect the connotation of business, YunOSforCar new upgrade for YunOSAuto, while business will cover a wider range of vehicle types, further improve the operating system with the car as the center, bring more value to our customers and partners. Zhang Chunhui AlibabaYunOSAuto announced the official title of the 2016 FIFA Club World Cup, becoming the tournament’s top partner. FIFA Club World Cup is the only world football club tournament, every year from the six continents of the top teams in their fists, world champion, billions of fans watched. This year, AlibabaYunOSAuto became the title sponsor, marked YunOSAuto and equipped with YunOSAuto Internet car will debut in the international arena. Zhang Chunhui said that as a Alibaba group’s innovative business相关的主题文章: