Agencies competing to launch ABS cloud platform asset securitization spring has come restorator

Agencies competing to launch ABS cloud platform asset securitization spring has come? This week in our pure issued in 8 a total of 11 billion 300 million yuan ABS (Asset-backed Securities, namely asset backed securities), by ABS takes extra energy, financial Jingdong decided to do a ABS service platform on the market, to solve this pain point. In September 6th, the official launch of the platform, and was named as the "cloud". In the course of the business and financial Jingdong found in the business, Xiamen International Financial Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xiamen’s) in the beginning, it is positioned as a way to use the Internet to carry out asset securitization business. After grinding, a year of September 5th, the asset securitization (ABSCloud) officially launched cloud platform. In the agency get together incarnation ABS service providers, the introduction of cloud platform behind, is a warming in recent years, the trillion market. The same location cloud platform regardless of Jingdong financial "cloud", or Xiamen’s gold "ABSCloud", is to build an online platform, investors, law firms, rating agencies will issue ABS the parties involved together with product design, distribution and duration of a set of management services for ABS. Among them, the cloud platform to play the role of infrastructure services, and the role of capital intermediaries. Jingdong financial structure financial director Hao Yanshan said, capital intermediary business, namely the creation of financial products and acts as the counterparty business, they provide liquidity and risk management service partner, liquidity and risk premium earned the main products. However, in his view, Jingdong finance and Xiamen state gold each has a different ecological resources, can do out of the product is also very different. Xiamen Golden State has its own financial asset trading center, which is a natural advantage, and although there is no Jingdong financial exchange, you can choose to cooperate with the local trading center. Chen Lei, general manager of the state of Xiamen in an interview with the media also mentioned that they are not the same as the starting point of financial Jingdong, but we have seen the trend of the cloud platform. "We may prefer to do the construction of the industry standard of the OTC asset securitization, and Jingdong finance tend to start from their own good consumer finance, the market to do more." From the September 2015 issue of the first single Jingdong ious asset securitization, within a short period of one year, the financial Jingdong has issued 8 a total of 11 billion 300 million yuan of asset securitization products, financial assets based on consumption. In Hao Yanshan’s view, the Internet consumer finance is what they "see, superwise, quasi pricing" business, this is the "cloud" positioning platform where. Jingdong financial innovation ABS mezzanine fund as asset securitization service providers, in addition to providing infrastructure services and capital intermediary business, Jingdong finance also innovative mezzanine fund investment model. Hao Yanshan Jingdong financial had issued ABS, for example, in their view, the assets are very good, very thick layer of the product, the first issue of the pricing is 7.3%. Then they made a four tier structure of the product, priority C file rating of A+, the price is still at 7%, belong to a higher level. In his view, this price and.相关的主题文章: