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PHRA DABOS SCHOOL His Majesty the King initiated the Phra Dabos project in 1976 to provide non-formal education for people who lack the means necessary to enter formal schools. HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn explained in a 1995 interview that the concept of the Phra Dabos School is like that of the phra dabos, hermits in folktales. According to the tales, anybody wishing to gain knowledge would go to the woods to find a phra dabos. If the hermit believed the person had enough determination, he would provide them with both practical and moral teachings. His Majesty finances the project, which operates on a non-commercial basis. KING’S SCHOLARSHIP In 1965, the King’s Scholarship programme, first launched during King Rama V’s reign, was revived. In keeping with its original spirit, the scholarships are given to students with outstanding academic records for the pursuit of undergraduate studies in any field at foreign universities. The scholarships are granted to those wishing to study mathematics, science, languages, social studies, vocational training and art. Each year, nine students are selected. On average, the programme lasts five years, and there is no commitment to pay back the award. In 1971, the regulations were changed to allow students to choose to study at local universities as well. THAI JUNIOR ENCYCLOPAEDIA According to Princess Sirindhorn, the Princess Mother bought an encyclopaedia so that members of the Royal Family could find answers to their questions. His Majesty decided that he would like to have that kind of encyclopaedia produced in the Thai language. To that end, the Thai Junior Encyclopaedia was created. The encyclopaedia is divided into three levels. The high level is for older children and adults seeking specialised knowledge on a variety of subjects. The other two are intermediate and elementary level. His Majesty summarised the purpose of the encyclopaedia as follows: They are books that include all the knowledge humans have gathered since ancient times and processed for later generations. Normally this knowledge is learned at schools or educational institutions. But due to a lack of teachers and schools, there needs to be another source of knowledge that enables people to learn by themselves or from relatives and friends who know more. ANANDA MAHIDOL SCHOLARSHIP The Ananda Mahidol Foundation was established on April 3, 1959 using His Majesty’s private funds. The name was chosen as a memorial to King Rama VIII, the King’s elder brother. Originally, the scholarships were given to students in medicine. Both His Majesty’s father and brother had expressed their intention to promote that field in the country. Later, the programme was expanded to also include the fields of science, agriculture, law, art, dentistry, veterinary science and engineering. The scholarships enable recipients to study overseas on the condition that they return and work for the benefit of Thailand. MAHAJANAKA In 1996, the Golden Jubilee year of his reign, His Majesty released The Story of Mahajanaka. The book was an instant hit and has been reprinted several times. The Story of Mahajanaka is based on a jataka, a Buddhist religious tale, about the practice of perseverance and the Bodhisattva King Mahajanaka, who brought progress and wealth to the city of Mithila. 相关的主题文章: