A Yantai woman with detergent bath washed out senile pruritus synnex

A Yantai woman with detergent bath "washed out" senile pruritus Ms. sun, 58 years old this year, a few years ago had a skin disease, waist and legs stop itching. Ms. sun thought that bathing was not in time, so she took a bath on the two day, but she still felt itchy. Then I washed it with detergent every day, hoping to wash it more cleanly. Yesterday, the daughter took Ms. sun to the Yantai skin defense Institute to see a doctor. Originally, Ms. Sun took a bath after washing powder, itching more serious, scratched the blood on the leg. Doctor Yang Lihua examination found that Ms. sun legs and waist skin large area burst, need medication, prevent infection. She analyzed, sun skin itching, because the weather is too dry in winter, the elderly skin secretion dysfunction, more smearing lotion can ease. Washing with detergent will not only wash off the protective film on the skin, but also destroy the pH value of the skin and make it itch more easily. Senile pruritus can rub the skin external use? Dr. Yang said, simply using the skin outside the medication is not entirely ineffective, but can not solve the fundamental problem. From the perspective of the treatment of the Department of Dermatology, the use of skin outside the drug can play a role in relieving itching symptoms, but it is only temporary relief, may be more itchy after the cessation of medication. Some people can’t help when the skin itch scratch, scratch if hard scratching will leave a mark on the skin. Skin regeneration takes time, about 28 days. If every day scratching itching parts will cause damage to the skin, there may be further developed into eczema. How to moisturize the skin of the elderly? Yang Lihua suggested that the bath should not be too busy, and the bath time should not be too long, because the moisture of the skin will be taken away, it will feel very dry. After each bath recommendations apply some body lotion, moisturizing body cream. Doctor Yang Lihua introduction, herpes zoster originally in the early spring and early fall season two is multiple, but recently the city temperature is abnormal, and the "eleven" during the festival people go out more, fatigue caused low body resistance, herpes zoster patients increased significantly, only last week they examined more than 20 patients in the elderly the majority of. She explained that herpes zoster is caused by varicella zoster virus disease, in the early onset of pain may occur, after the pain gradually increased, blisters on the skin appear. In addition to the common on the waist and abdomen, also occur in the chest, limbs, neck, ears, nose, eyes, mouth etc., is more common in the population over 50 years old, the infirm, diabetes, cancer patients are the disease multiple people, young people if overwork leads to low immunity, but also prone to the disease. If the treatment of herpes zoster is appropriate, 1 to 2 weeks or so can be cured, and generally will not relapse, the key is to appear symptoms immediately medical treatment, do not believe the so-called folk prescription. If the herpes zoster is not treated or treated improperly, a few patients with poor constitution still leave the symptoms of nerve pain after the rash subsided. This pain can last for more than a month. How to prevent shingles? Dr. Yang said, first of all to pay attention to rest, strengthen the body immunity, avoid overwork, excessive drinking, cold. Pay attention to nutrition diversification, drink plenty of water, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, strengthen physical exercise. Patients with herpes zoster should eat digestible food.

烟台一女子用洗衣粉洗澡 “洗”出老年瘙痒症   孙女士今年58岁,前几年得了皮肤病,腰背和双腿痒个不停。孙女士以为是洗澡不及时,于是两天洗一次澡,但身上还是痒。后来干脆每天用洗衣粉洗澡,希望能洗得更干净。昨日,女儿带孙女士到烟台市皮防所看病。原来,孙女士用洗衣粉洗澡后,痒得更厉害,腿上挠出了血。医生杨丽华检查发现,孙女士腿和腰部皮肤大面积破溃、需要用药、防止感染。她分析,孙女士皮肤发痒,是因为冬季天气太干燥,老年人皮肤分泌机能减退,多涂抹润肤露就可以缓解。用洗衣粉洗澡,不仅会把皮肤上的保护膜洗掉,还会破坏皮肤的酸碱度,更容易发痒。老年瘙痒症擦皮肤外用药就可以吗?杨大夫称,单纯地使用皮肤外用药也并不是完全没有效果的,只是解决不了根本的问题。从皮肤科治疗的角度来说,使用皮肤外用药能够起到缓解瘙痒症状的作用,但是也只是一时的缓解,在停止用药后可能会更痒。有些人皮肤瘙痒时会忍不住地抓挠,如果挠狠了挠破了就会在皮肤上留下痕迹。皮肤的再生是需要时间的,大概在28天左右。如果天天抓挠瘙痒的部位会对皮肤造成损伤,有可能进一步发展成湿疹。老年皮肤如何保湿呢?杨丽华建议,洗澡不要太勤,洗澡的时间也不能太长,因为皮肤的水分被带走之后会感觉很干燥。建议每次洗澡之后涂一些护体乳、护体霜来保湿。   杨丽华大夫介绍,带状疱疹原本在初春和初秋两季较为多发,但近日港城的气温比较反常,加之“十一”节日期间人们外出较多,过度疲劳导致身体抵抗力低下,带状疱疹的患者明显增多,仅上周他们就接诊了20余例患者,以老年人居多。她介绍,带状疱疹是由水痘—带状疱疹病毒引起的疾病,在发病早期可能就会出现疼痛,以后疼痛逐渐加剧,皮肤上有水疱出现。除常见于腰、腹部外,还可发生于胸部、四肢、颈部、耳、鼻、眼、口腔等,多发于50岁以上人群,年老体弱者、糖尿病患者、肿瘤患者等是该病多发人群,年轻人若过度劳累导致免疫力低下,也容易患上该病。带状疱疹如果治疗得当,1至2周左右即可痊愈,而且一般不会复发,关键是出现症状立即就医,不要相信所谓的民间偏方。带状疱疹如果不及时治疗或治疗不当,少数体质较差的患者在皮疹消退后仍然会遗留神经痛的症状,这种疼痛可以持续多月。如何预防蛇盘疮呢?杨大夫表示,首先要注意休息,增强身体免疫力,避免过劳、酗酒、受凉。饮食上注意营养多样化,多喝水、多吃新鲜蔬菜水果,加强身体锻炼。带状疱疹患者应进食易消化的食物,少吃或不吃油腻食物,注意补充水分;不要摩擦患处,避免水疱破裂形成溃疡,加大治疗和愈合难度。另外,家里要注意通风。儿童水痘和带状疱疹是同一病原体,因此一旦家中有人患病要及时隔离,以免传染给孩子。相关的主题文章: