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A Sichuan school student change school: internships to find cheap workers (Figure) "storm: internship internship students change cheap workers" follow as a matter of fact, in recent years, Gansu, Shandong, Shaanxi and Guangxi and other places have exposed the practice of occupation school students, the suspect suffered forced the news, let this topic again by the public hot. For the vocational school students, practice is an important way to their jobs, social contact. According to the relevant provisions of the state, the secondary vocational school students have more than 1 years of practical learning time, higher vocational schools have more than 1 semesters of practical learning time. However, the school said the practice of enterprises find suitable embarrassment; the enterprise but complain that students cannot post independence; students Tucao learn something, long working hours, low wages and practice. What are the problems of practice of vocational school students? How to improve the vocational school students practice quality? A students Tucao: internship less than the case: in July 2015, Changchun, a college of science and Technology School of business administration, a degree certificate as a threat to force human resources professionals to sell second-hand housing. "Who can tell me the meaning of practice here?" Chengdu occupation college sophomore Tang Kai heart is not happy, "suddenly began". "Suddenly told us to practice, in the past, what unit, post, what to do, why practice, we do not know." Tang Kai told reporters, when learning is the accounting, but by the school to arrange a construction company internship for three months, "run on the site every day, to do is to find someone can casually, what is the significance of this practice?" Tang Kai’s experience is not a case. Combing the previous media reports, in July 2015, the College of Business Administration of a University of science and technology Changchun teacher to a degree certificate for blackmail forced human resources professional students to sell second-hand housing; October 2016, Shandong Shenghan finance and trade Career Academy students reflected in the online, just on the second school was sent to a factory in Jiangsu Kunshan practice, want to work at the more than and 10 workshop an hour every day, some students appear allergy symptoms…… The reporters found that the vocational school students in practice, and highlight the graduation card hook, long working hours, low wages, professional counterparts and other issues. Is there not acceptable workshop, or for the protection of the rights and interests of their own doubts? In this regard, a number of vocational college students told reporters, contrast to do what they want to know why. "The big three to practice, the practice of what is the difference? Where, what to do, how to pay, who to find the problem……" Tang Kai said, these are before the internship, he wants to know clearly in mind, rather than in disorderly fashion". "What time can we all know the practice is good." B officials complain: practice unit to find case: Chengdu, a vocational school teacher said, in the process of enterprise and docking, relatively weak school". In vocational colleges, a professional hundreds of people, to be able to find a professional counterparts all of a sudden, the difficulty can be imagined. When docking with the enterprise, the school is relatively weak, the students of Finance and accounting major in the courier company parcels, network technology students in the assembly line packaging, automotive manufacturing and logistics professional students are Awards相关的主题文章: