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Spirituality It seems that every single day we hear something new about the famous Octomom, from the many job offers that she has had to the instability that he showed during a recent 911 call during which she reputedly said "I am going to kill myself" right in front of her children. With so many variables and problems up ahead, things in Octomom future seemed rather bleak but according to many psychics things may not go so bad for her after all. Peggy Rometo a renowned online psychic has many theories regarding the future of Nadia Suleman. According to Peggy the reason why Octomom has had so many children is to .pensate for certain personal deficiencies as well as the sense of loneliness that she has had as an effect of being an only child but as a consequence of her decisions her future may hold in store things that she did not plan for or she didn’t expect such as getting married. Yes, according to Peggy Octomom’s source of joy and personal strength will also bring about a series of problems that will not be resolved easily, from financial to social problems and it is in human nature that when the going gets tough having a children to cry on or to find strength in always .es in handy; that being the case Octomom will meet that special someone when her newborn children reached the age of two. Peggy said that the relationship will not be romantic at first, that special person will offer Octomom the balance that she has been searching for and that every woman is in need of, especially with so many children to care for. According to Peggy, Octomom is addicted to all the attention that .es from having a child and she also loves the certainty that at some point in the future when she grows old her children will take care of her because she has protected them and sacrificed herself in order to provide for their needs. As time goes by the relationship that Nadia has with her parents will definitely improve since the grand parents do want to be around for their grandchildren but at the moment do not approve of her actions which is quite understandable. Peggy sees the grand parents and the octuplet’s siblings be.ing the second third and fourth parents of these newborn babies because no matter how strong Nadia ultimately is, she will .e to realize in time that she needs social help in order to take care of all our children. Accepting help will definitely .e at a price in terms of social acceptance as we have seen today but because of her strong character and maternal instincts she will be able to over.e the obstacles that life will throw at her. Nadia will also be.e a strong advocate for parents who have children with special needs and will be.e a source of inspiration for other women who will fill a lot more capable of over.ing problems in their lives just like Octomom did. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: