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A poor cancer late father’s rebirth, don’t easily tell the child that you have no money – Sohu maternal and infant [child care] said original, reproduced please mark the source you will be frugal, often with the child that your family is poor? You will in order to let the children know how to cherish, with the child said that because no money, try not to spend it? You will often in front of the children complained to your children, how much misery? A teacher said recently they kindergarten organization in autumn, a little girl ran up to her mouth, Du qigugu said: "teacher, I’m not autumn. Because my mom and dad have no money." With loud crying, crying very sad, "I don’t want the poor mom and Dad, I want to be rich dad and mom…… Hum……" Children gather around all sorts of gossip to say "my family money, I can go outing." The little girl is more aggrieved: they have money, only my family no money……" Because crying badly, not only face red, forehead hair is wet. When the teacher found the little girl wearing a skirt sleeve collapse line, on the feet of small sandals is very small, abruptly put the feet of a child in the inside, bulging like two small dumplings. The teacher reminded the mother of the little girl, she often questioned the children’s tuition fees, also often complain about the activities of the kindergarten organization out is a waste of money, blame kindergarten make garden activities in the pits of parents…… She told them, no taboo stood next to her daughter and daughter’s classmates. After listening to feel really not taste. The mother did not understand how she was knitting the child’s childhood? Maybe she is really very poor, every day is living cornered, but I’m sure the cause of her Voices of discontent., is her attitude towards life. "Even if the poor bibimbap sauce, will the child a sunshine." This is another child’s father said to me, people moved. Because he in the past few decades, both in the perception of such a sentence of life: 5 years old preschool organization outing, students are holding the biscuit drink, he took only with the container overnight leftovers, the road ran too excited, the food spilled sprinkled in the bag, will never forget the teacher a strange look. 6 years old on the elementary school, the school must unify the school uniform, the mother said that the uniform school uniform should not be forced, after being urged by the teacher several times, the mother actually ran to the headmaster to make trouble. He didn’t dare to look up for days. 7 for the first time by bus, mother in order to save 1 dollars, let him put the child curled up in her arms, along the way because of his fear of being discovered, tensions have hardly dared to breathe, get off after the discovery of wet pants. 8 year old school donations to help children in mountainous areas, my mother said she was poorer than the mountain children, so he donated clothes, was forced to carry a large old mother back to school clothes, hard to give the teacher. The bag was thrown into the trash can after school. 12 year old teacher Jeanbari students talk about the summer vacation where to travel, some of the students in the class went to Europe, and some said to Beijing. The summer vacation together with his family to watch cartoons in Japan said to sit at the same table. He did not dare to lie to be ridiculed as a teacher". At the age of 13 with a good.相关的主题文章: