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A large disaster: the new Apple computer adapter with apple adapter with apple display – Sohu science and technology is not only the old apple display, all does not support lightning (Thunderbolt) Mini DisplayPort display, are not used together with the new MBP. Buy the wrong Adapter? Who knows, anyway, the adapter is sold by apple. Lightning 2 and Mini DisplayPort looks exactly the same, you can not tell who is it? Who doesn’t look at supporting documents before you buy something? You have to buy and start using 2016 new MacBook Pro, also in Apple’s official website you need to complete all kinds of adapter. It’s good, until you find out that your new computer won’t be on your monitor, even if you use the adapter. This is the United States a man, the game company Hacthlings founder Brad Dwyer found himself encountered. He is using the new Bar MBP Touch with thunder and lightning to the official website of the 3 Apple 2 adapter, found that the new computer did not even display their apple (Apple Cinema Display): my apple display adapter, apple, apple computer, actually not. What the hell? What makes the fruit powder Brad so angry? Everything has to start with the connector:. This display is used in Mini DisplayPort, probably long like this: Mini DisplayPort male head like this: coincidentally, Mini DisplayPort interface and lightning 2 (below) from the appearance look as like as two peas. But the difference is that the support of thunder and lightning 2 of the mother will be marked in the figure of the lightning like signs. Unfortunately, there are many users do not understand why the same interface can not be used? The results met like Brad in this case: according to the official website of Apple support documents, lightning Brad purchased 3 to 2 lightning adapter does not support non lightning 2 interface; unfortunately, the Brad display interface is really Mini DisplayPort, does not support the lightning 2. Brad does not understand why Apple to do so, their products can not be used on their own products. Apple Mozhe, who let you buy things before not good documentation supporting thousands of words to see? If you like Brad, is also a core user, professionals need to work your apple notebook inserted in the display, you must learn the lessons of Brad, we must look ahead, clear display interface specification input source of their own. If your monitor has HDMI or VGA, then you’d better buy a lightning 3 to HDMI or VGA adapter, basically no problem; if only one Mini Dis.相关的主题文章: