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"9" a new version of the beta 8.4 CGWR score today Qingyun willing novice card booking | jiuyinzhenjing area: Qingyunwanli lead by Hongzhi, sword oath UNITA jiuxiao proud. "9" five anniversary edition "piece of information, Jinqiu leather articles" high Qingyun willing "dodge" and "three union hegemony" and "mentoring system" of today’s shock struck! High order dodge turned out to enjoy the "bird Lingyun longitudinal carefree chic jiuxiao". Mentoring system innovation, personally realized "world phase pay award education heroes" mentoring love. Day three Au in the martial arts, wanton express "sword sword oath union Ming" ambition! On the occasion of the beta, 17173 small high order and light to bring exclusive analytical mentoring systems for you to help understand the "Knights errant jiuyinzhenjing" new version. The new version of "willing Qingyun" promotional video of a new version of "willing Qingyun" the main image of martial arts Dodge New Benchmark birds show Lingyun posture earlier, "jiuyinzhenjing" creatively dodge and learn martial arts fighting fusion, the first martial arts Dodge, giving the paladin who more fun and more free, more real martial arts experience. Now, "" the Dodge jiuyinzhenjing system ushered in the reform and development of higher order, Dodge was born. Taking into account the paladin are soaring to dodge "," demand, high order dodge should from time to time. High order light come out, without the impact of the original dodge fighting system, fully meet the paladin who for the "high and far" pursuit, with a new attitude to dodge plastic martial arts new benchmark, to create a broader, more realistic and more free martial arts arena in the world. [wings] "Dapeng Dapeng day with the wind, the ninety thousand rise directly to a high position." Dodge shenfa, Pactrometer gas leap, as on the wind and. High order light display effect diagram [] "swallow wear empty hundred feet first floor vertical light shadow, winds through the air force." Light body, breath breath, air force, and even cross body longitudinal potential. High order light display renderings of crane Yufeng "[] to turn on the domain to duck, poor days and high searching step." Light body, light gas, to open arms on the wind, such as wings on the back. High order light display effect diagram [] "fierce Falcon prey like a hawk mother rabbit falls, horse betting thousand Zhang po." Good light body, quasi state hawk, reducing potential force, and falls. Figure three effect of high order light cast Union established forigen new martial arts martial arts continued leading Outland invasion, internal court also gradually mixed with more and more foreign martial arts forces. At this time, Yongle has felt more martial arts in Outland, the future will become troubles, there may even threaten their power and safety of the Ming dynasty. Therefore, Yongle life guard synergy three division, told the world of martial arts, the establishment of day three league, and pick out the strongest Zhanmeng Union Court foreign enemies from the three league. Three Au three Au three StarCraft StarCraft scene scene scene three Au Au StarCraft StarCraft scene in ancient world by a situation of tripartite confrontation, Co. Now, the three Zhanmeng union Award for the best in all the land, like Wei, Shu and Wu Sanzu hegemony of the shadow, the success of the opportunity, chivalric can miss? At.相关的主题文章: