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Web-Development Developers working on Joomla need to know about updates and tools that are regularly launched. There are too many ways such as planning of content, SEO, queries and scripts that can lead Joomla developers to improve their skills. We have provided with 7 tips for Joomla developers to improve their Joomla skills. In having an expanded knowledge on the style sheets there will be better placement of footers, headers and background colors. Thoroughly knowing the templates will let one know about page setting and modifications in individual web pages. Here are the tips to follow : Optimization for a Website While handling CSS and knowing about securities in Joomla it is important to user statistics, visitor trends and other traffic related details. In order to know how to do optimization in Joomla one must learn about how to optimize images, know about GTMetrix.., go deep inside Joomla to know all about it without opting for easier extensions and search for a good Joomla web host. Knowing about the above mentioned things will open up ways to plan and .bine all of them to start optimization for a Joomla website. CSS A website in the present times is all about the right kind of style and category wise modification. When it .es to styling, CSS or cascading style sheets form the foundation of a website design. Joomla developers must extensively know how to set page structures, set the sidebars, footers and headers in web pages. Having proper knowledge in CSS will make for a brilliant web designer. Other areas that need to be known are fonts, background colors, borders and various ways of image display. JavaScript/jQuery In order to improve Joomla skills it is important to gain knowledge on JavaScript. A website is made functional with the help of front end designing done with JavaScript. Latest Jooma versions require jQuery tool implementations. A lot of website actions can be changed and give new dimensions with the help of JavaScript programming and jQuery utility tools. These two programming languages help a developer in solving problems during troubleshooting, adapting to extensions and implementing quick fixes to website functionalities. PHP Knowing how to integrate tools and functions in Joomla it is important to know all about PHP. Changes in websites will be easier by knowing PHP scripts and codes. Forms can be changed and templates can be re-arranged. In order to know inner .plexities in Joomla that include extensions, templates and Joomla as a whole it is necessary to understand PHP. Website Planning In developing a website it is important to plan and create a map of all the things that need to be included. One must work hard in knowing about Copywriting, Website goal planning, Project management tools, Traffic and resource estimation for busy websites, planning of sitemaps in order to place navigation and give structure to the website and Choosing color pallets. Firebug Firebug must be known in order to have a good breakthrough in Joomla developer skills. Inspection, checks and guarantee are three most important functions for this Firefox plugin. It is a very handy learning tool that allows easy and fast inspection of website elements. Changes in CSS are also done with the help of Firebug. Google Analytics This is a .monly used tool that works in .pliance with website traffic. Latest Joomla templates .e with easy implementation procedures for Analytics code. Website visitors are tracked. Metrics can be improved based on Google Analytics readings. Some of the utilities in Analytics that need to be known are Bounce rates, Web traffic, Website usability and Website conversion. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: