Drug Addiction Treatment Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome-月丘うさぎ

Drug addiction treatment programs help thousands of addicts make lasting recoveries every year. Drug addiction clinics across the United States use proven methods to help their patients make crucial lifestyle changes. Though treatment programs last only a few months, these changes allow for lifelong sobriety. Unfortunately, a condition called Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome or PAWS threatens the recoveries of most rehab patients. Setting in immediately after detox, PAWS can also make it extremely difficult for even the most enthusiastic patients to productively engage their therapies. Here are some of the symptoms. *Depression *Schizophrenic behavior *Emotional numbness *Frequent outbursts and overreactions *Continued drug cravings *New cravings for food or other substances *Loss of motor skills *Memory loss *Cognitive impairment *Lack of focus *Feelings of hopelessness *Mood swings *Exhaustion Many PAWS symptoms make sufferers appear to be actively using drugs. This phenomenon .monly known as dry drunkenness can be extremely frustrating for people trying to avoid drug and alcohol abuse in social settings. People who observe these symptoms often stigmatize recovering addicts, mistaking their condition for a lack of willpower. Because of the prevalence and dangers of PAWS, most rehab clinics have begun to make the mitigation of its symptoms a top priority. Here are some of the strategies drug addiction treatment specialists use to help their patients. *Education Simply educating patients about the PAWS symptoms they experience can be crucial for lasting recoveries. Mental problems and drug cravings make addicts feel powerless understanding the nature of these symptoms can give them renewed hope for sobriety. When patients realize that PAWS is not indicative of failed recovery, they can work through the pain and avoid relapse. *Spirituality Spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation can help addicts stay positive and outlast the pain of post acute withdrawal. Spirituality is one of the most effective treatment strategies because it gives patients the sense that their lives have meaning and purpose. Setting goals and living purposefully prevents addicts from succumbing to depression, anxiety, and other emotional problems. *Physical Care Physical stress often begets mental and emotional stress, leading to strong drug cravings. By taking proper care of their bodies, addicts can prevent some of these cravings from ever occurring. Proper nutrition keeps energy high and hormone levels balanced, while vigorous exercise causes mood-elevating endorphin releases. Patients learn these habits during rehab, but they must practice them daily to reduce or avoid further cravings. *Medication Although any drug use can be dangerous for recovering addicts, PAWS treatment sometimes requires medication. This practice can be especially helpful for patients who suffer from co-occurring mental conditions. Patients with extreme depression can often over.e their PAWS symptoms with the careful administration of anti-depressants, and painkillers can help those who experience chronic physical pain after detox. If you or someone you know is struggling with drugs or alcohol, click the links below to find a rehab clinic near you. No matter how severe your addiction is, a drug addiction treatment program can help you get back on your feet. 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