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Networking Everybody has different experiences with different things; this is my experience with one of the leading MLM or network marketing .panies. Herbalife has been around for a long time and is still one of the biggest .panies in multilevel marketing. I wont take much of your time so Ill just say that Herbalife is not a scam although basing from what Ive heard, read, and from my personal experience, some of the recruiters could be called as scammers. There are a lot of MLM horror stories out there and mine is nothing .pared to themI guess. Before I continue, I would like you to read the last paragraph if you are not interested to know my story to save you time. I could consider my recruiter as a scammer because of the following: My recruiter posted a job opportunity in one of the job search engines when what shes really offering is a business opportunity. She only told us about the application fee and the entire start up capital. That fee was small and I thought its all I need in order to start. I was shocked when she told me I need to pay almost 500 USD in order to start my business. I was then a fresh graduate so I dont have that amount. She assured me that I could make that same amount or even more in a month. I later found out that that was not necessary. I could start with just a hundred bucks and work my way up but she never gave me that option. She was deceitful. She assured us that she will be there and that she will teach us until were stable with our business. I waited for that training to .e but what came instead is that she, nagging me if I have made my first sale yet. How could I do that when I know nothing about marketing and she teaches me nothing? Its as if the worlds burden was smashed at me. I was totally on my own. This is the worst part. After one of their hotel meetings, she told me upfront that what she needed right now is my in.e. She has definitely crossed the line and gone overboard. She is supposed to teach me at least something and she is doing nothing to help me. Another thing is that she asked me to recruit other people. In Herbalife, if you are not at the supervisor level, you cannot recruit yet so if I recruit, that person goes to her downline. She is totally mental. So if you are just starting, especially with a network marketing .pany, do not give your money to your recruiter. First, make sure that that person can really help you in starting your business. Herbalife may not be a scam but most of the recruiters have scammer-like ways of recruiting. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: