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Branding Business that operate with credit terms leave a themselves vulnerable to unpaid debts or bad debt. Considering unpaid or bad debt leads to an inefficient allocation of time and resources and restricts cash flow thus hampering the growth of the business, debt recovery is a crucial aspect for any business. The three points below give elaborate on this notion by providing a brief summary of why debt recovery is crucial to your business. 1. Positive Cash Flow Maintaining a positive cash flow is important for every business. The importance of Cash flow is linked to the liquidity of a business. In any business, there is a need for cash in running day-to-day operations. The cash flow of a business also determines a business’ capacity to make certain business decisions and plays a crucial role in business planning How are you able to pay operating expenses without a steady cash flow? If you are un.fortable with calling on customers or writing letters of demand, you may outsource the recovery of unpaid or bad debt to a debt recovery service. The agencies have specialist debt collection expertise and the appropriate resources at their fingertips.It may also be less costly in the long run to leave it to the experts as it will allow you to focus on your core business. 2. Maintaining the Cycle Cash in from your debts ensures the timely payment of creditors. Breaking this cycle by not being diligent with your debt collections can have disastrous effects on both credit rating, reputation and cash flow (discussed above). If funds do not clear in your bank in time for you to pay your creditors so they in turn may restrict your use of credit in the future. This may adversely effect your credit rating, which would make it more difficult sourcing products in the future. Further, it may effect your business reputation. 3. Business Survival As discussed, your business survival really is dependent on liquidity (cash flow), credit rating and reputation. Businesses must do what they can to collect debts or go out of business. There is no gain for any .pany to look great on paper. A healthy profit and loss can only be maintained with a healthy balance sheet. If your debts end up having to be reversed as expenses your profits are affected in later years. Summary Debt recovery is crucial for business. Accordingly, it is crucial to implement appropriate debt recovery practices to ensure the business is operating with a steady cash flow, maintains the cycle and a positive. Most credit .panies have departments which deal specifically in collecting overdue debt. However, some debts are very difficult to collect. For those debts, it makes good business sense to employ someone to collect the debt. This is known as a collection agency. By employing such an agency, it allows you to focus on your core business while ensuring the critical aspect of debt recovery is satisfied. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: