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Home-and-Family Just about every single person that has carried or currently carries a cell phone has accidentally deleted a SMS message at one time or another, and desperately wished that there was some way to recover the important information that was lost. Luckily, there is software available today that can help individuals to recover deleted SMS messages. Although there are countless differences from one cell phone to the next, below are some basic steps you can follow that generally only differ slightly from phone to phone that can help retrieve deleted text messages on your cellular phone. The first step is to download the software – Downloading and installing a mobile file manager is the first process in recovering lost data. FExplorer is very efficient, it is free, and it offers easy to understand instructions on the steps that are needed to learn how to retrieve deleted text messages. Launching the software – Once the installation is .plete, you can launch the software and begin searching for the lost texts. If your messages are stored on the phone’s memory, then you will want to scroll to C: – If your messages are stored on a card, you will want to scroll to D: Opening the system folder – The system folder is where all of your messages (including ones that have been deleted) are found and is stored in a mail folder. Open the system folder, and then open the mail folder that contains all of your messages. Locate messages that have been deleted – This is the last step to locating any information that you may have lost in a SMS message. You will notice several different folders that you will need to look through within the mail folder, where files will be found (text messages) that need to be viewed separately for retrieval. In some cases where these steps do not provide you with the ability of being able to retrieve deleted texts, you may need to purchase other types of software or get in touch with your cell phone provider. The Inter. is a great place to search for software that is specifically designed to recover deleted SMS messages. Make sure you browse through a variety of different programs available, to ensure that you purchase the one that will be of most benefit to you and your needs. Once you locate the appropriate software, you will soon find that it is a fast and easy process to recover very important data that has been accidentally removed from your cell phone. Copyright (c) 2010 Ed Opperman About the Author: 相关的主题文章: