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CIBC: USDCAD refresh six week low of 1.35 level key support Huitong news network February 26th — from Wednesday (February 24th) the price of crude oil rose and led some traders were forced to stop short, strong cad. The dollar fell by about 1%, down 1.3576, below the 100 day average near 1.3620. Although Thursday when prices fall, the data is ideal, but the dollar’s decline continued, the lowest 1.3520, again to refresh the lowest in six weeks. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) analysts said earlier that Chinese central bank officials announced that it would increase the fiscal deficit ratio to 4% of GDP, the news is positive for commodity related currencies. But they insist that the further decline in the dollar to Canadian dollar will be limited, after all, the 1.35 level is an important psychological barrier. From the technical analysis on the dollar downside support were 1.3569 (February 15th 1.3515 (low), 1.3595 (December 8th December 9th lows) and low). In turn, upstream of the resistance is 1.3749 (10 day moving average (1.385058), 20 day moving average February 24th low) and 1.3910 (February 16th high). (dollar daily chart source: Bloomberg) 4:10 Beijing time, dollar at 1.353032, still hovering near six week low. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

CIBC:美元兑加元刷新六周低位 1.35水平关键支撑   汇通网2月26日讯——受惠于周三(2月24日)原油价格上升并导致部分空头交易者被迫止损,加元表现走强。美元兑加元跌大约1%,低见1.3576,跌破1.3620附近的100天均线。   尽管周四的时候油价回落,美国数据也比较理想,但美元兑加元的跌势仍然持续,最低见1.3520,再度刷新六周以来的低位。   加拿大帝国商业银行(CIBC)的分析师早前表示,中国央行官员宣布将财政赤字比例提高到GDP的4%,这个消息对商品关联货币而言是积极的。但他们坚持认为美元兑加元的进一步跌势会受到限制,毕竟1.35水平是个重要的心理关口支撑位。   从技术上分析,美元兑加元下行的支撑位分别有1.3569(2月15日低点)、1.3515(12月9日低点)以及1.3595(12月8日低点)。反过来上行的阻力位则是1.3749(10天移动平均线)、1.3850 58(20天移动平均线 2月24日低点)以及1.3910(2月16日高点)。 (美元兑加元日线图 图片来源:彭博社)   北京时间4:10,美元兑加元报1.3530 32,仍然徘徊于六周低位附近。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: