The 2016 Dongguan International Marathon Songshan official recruitment hot start of rabbit-追踪309

2016 Dongguan Songshan Lake International Marathon official rabbit recruitment hot start 2016 Dongguan marathon want to be fooled in Dongguan City Land "vitality Dongguan rabbit"? Want to feel a handsome and beautiful way to follow a hundred responses to a single call, running pleasure? Want your happy journey to add a thick and heavy in colours? Ready, then keep up with Dongguan horse release vitality together blooming brilliant! Today, the 2016 Dongguan Songshan Lake International Marathon (hereinafter referred to as "Dongguan horse") official "rabbit" recruitment officially opened, the review produced 28 Dongguan horse official rabbit". What is rabbit? "Rabbit" is a marathon speed, also called pace member (pacer), the first in 1999 in the Paris marathon, hired by the organizers of the cruise staff and participants together starting, and in accordance with the fixed speed forward, to help participants understand their own pace, not too fast or too slow to default time. The speed control member will be strapped to the balloon, using different colors to mark the speed of the ball, has been widely used in the international marathon. It is understood that the Organizing Committee of Dongguan Ma Zhimei will recruit 28 sports official "rabbit in the race". Welcome to join marathon runners with rich marathon experience, stable speed and skilled speed control ability. All the official rabbits can get free admission through Dongguan, and the official rabbit can get a full set of rabbit equipment, accessories and honorary trophy. Interested in "rabbit" role of running friends can log on 2016 Dongguan Songshan Lake International Marathon official website exclusive registration channel registration. It is worth mentioning that, in order to better promote the marathon, better to increase public participation and interaction, enhance the competition of service, establish diversified channels, convenient running in different forms and joined the event, the Organizing Committee of Dongguan Ma domestic sports industry flagship sports Zhimei group will launch the official horse training camp, Dongguan runners will meet, "Dongguan? Medicine group, FUN starting to run relay run, four Mini marathon, Songhu flowers music online and a series of gas stations, Dongguan horse race theme photography under official activities. 2016 Dongguan Songshan Lake International Marathon will be held on March 28th at the start of the Songshan Lake CMC, event sponsored by the China Athletic Association, the Dongguan Municipal People’s government, and operational experience, do match the strength of the specialized sports group company, organized in cooperation, is committed to providing a sports exchange in diversification, event service specialization experience for the majority of sports fans run step.

2016东莞松山湖国际马拉松官方兔子招募火热启动 2016东莞马拉松   想在莞邑大地上当一回“活力莞兔”吗?想感受一把一呼百应、帅哥美女一路跟随的奔跑快感吗?想让自己的跑马征途上再添浓墨重彩的一笔吗?准备好了,那就跟上莞马释放活力一起绽放精彩!   即日起,2016东莞松山湖国际马拉松(以下简称“莞马”)官方“兔子”招募正式开启,评审产生28只莞马官方“兔子”。   什么是“兔子”?“兔子”就是马拉松定速员,又叫配速员(pacer),1999年首创于巴黎马拉松,由主办单位聘请的定速员与参赛者们一同起跑,并依照固定的配速前进,帮助参赛者了解自身配速,不至于过快或过慢于预设时间。定速员身上会绑上气球,利用不同气球颜色标示配速,目前已被广泛运用于国际级马拉松赛。   据了解,莞马组委会联合智美体育将在全赛程招募28只官方“兔子”。欢迎拥有丰富马拉松比赛经验、稳定配速和娴熟控速能力的跑友加入,所有入选官兔均可获得莞马免费直通名额,官方兔子更可获得全套兔子装备、配饰以及荣誉奖杯。   有意担任“兔子”角色的跑友可以登录2016东莞松山湖国际马拉松官方网站 专属报名通道 报名。   值得一提的是,为了更好的推广马拉松赛事,更好的增加市民参与感和互动感,提升赛事服务,建立起多样化的渠道,方便跑友以不同形式和身份加入赛事,莞马组委会联合国内体育产业旗舰智美体育集团将推出莞马官方训练营、跑友见面会、“东莞?医起跑”跑团、接力FUN肆跑、松湖花海迷你马拉松、音乐加油站、莞马主题摄影赛等一系列的线上线下官方活动。   2016东莞松山湖国际马拉松将于3月28日在松山湖管委会起跑,赛事由中国田径协会、东莞市人民政府主办,并与运营经验丰富、办赛实力雄厚的专业化公司智美体育集团合作举办,致力为广大跑步运动爱好者提供一次参与主体多样化、赛事服务专业化的体育运动交流体验。相关的主题文章: