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The ancient town holds a kilometer long banquet exhibition stunt, a pair of chopsticks from head to tail (Figure) Jiangjin Zhongshan Ancient Town, the annual kilometer long feast attracted tourists from all over the country. Jiangjin Zhongshan Ancient Town, an annual kilometer long feast, attracts tourists from all over the world. "Pot" stunt Chongqing Evening News "let one let, dishes"!" At noon yesterday, Chen Changfa, a 67 year old folk artist, piled a bowl with 2 meters long on top of his head, carefully walking on the old stone street of Zhongshan Ancient Town, Jiangjin, and served the table. A yell, "Zhongshan Ancient Town eleventh km long feast open. A bowl of dishes on top of the head, the traditional "basin trick", Chen Changfa has worked for 37 years. He was invited to serve a kilometer long banquet for several years. Unlike in previous years, he also brought in disciples this year. "Banquet, play basin, lively."! The big guy looked lively, eating them." Chen Changfa’s pots are carefully crafted, the longest has 4 meters, you can also put more than 20 bowls of vegetables at the same time, add up to head up to 70 pounds weight. The head of the dish, calmly walking in the crowd, to put the dishes on the banquet table, do not splash soup. The 1132 meter long street town, every family under the eaves are hung with red lanterns. More than 600 round tables lined up on the green stone road. Advance reservation of the early visitors to wait, no reservation of tourists holding a pair of chopsticks, walking and eating, people will not stop, what to eat casually clip. We don’t know each other, holding a pair of chopsticks through the long street banquet Chibian street, full of deep flavor. In addition to eating, there are traditional ceremony of praying for sacrifices, Shaolin Kung Fu Performances, traditional costumes show and other activities, the whole ancient town immersed in the festive atmosphere of the spring festival. Editor in chief: Chen Wei, SN225

古镇摆千米长宴展绝技 一双筷子从头吃到尾(图) 江津中山古镇,一年一度的千米长宴吸引了来自各地的游客。 江津中山古镇,一年一度的千米长宴吸引了来自各地的游客。   “打盆”绝技   重庆晚报讯 “让一让,上菜咯!”昨天中午,67岁的民间艺人陈长发,把堆满菜碗2米长的托盆顶在头上,小心翼翼走在江津中山古镇千米长的石板老街上,挨桌上菜。一声吆喝,中山古镇第十一届“千米长宴”开席了。   把一碗碗菜顶在头上上菜,这个传统的“打盆”绝技,陈长发已经干了37年。往几年的千米长宴他都被请来上菜,与往年不同的是,他今年还带来了徒弟。“宴席上表演打盆,热闹!大家伙看着热闹,吃着也闹热。”陈长发的托盆都是自己精心制作的,最长的有4米,可以同时放20多碗菜,加起来头上要顶70斤重量。头顶着菜,从容行走在人流中,把菜送到宴桌上,汤汁都不溅落。   1132米长的古镇老街上,家家户户屋檐下都挂上了成串大红灯笼。青石板路上,600多张圆桌一字排开。提前订好座位的游客早早入席等待,没有订座的游客拿着一双筷子,边走边吃,不会有人阻拦,想吃什么随便夹。大家互不相识,拿一双筷子穿行在长宴老街上吃遍一条街,充满浓浓的年味。   除了吃,还有传统祭祀祈福仪式、少林功夫表演、传统服饰秀等活动,整个古镇沉浸在新春的节日气氛中。 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: