Shanghai is the Snow in the cold air on Thursday, the highest temperature only 5 degrees C-1926年属相�

Shanghai is the "Snow" in the cold air on Thursday, the highest temperature only 5 degrees C yesterday, accompanied by a strong cold air north to the south, the city temperature decreased significantly. Reporters learned that day from the Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory, this round of cold air pole will appear on Thursday, when the highest temperature will be around 5 degrees Celsius, or even the beginning of this year’s frost. Yesterday, is the twenty-four solar term in "Snow", meaning the temperature continued to decline, the cold weather. Although the snow does not come so early, but the blowing cold air and still played their "field force", daytime temperatures plummeted, the highest temperature is 13.4 degrees Celsius, nearly 7 degrees lower than the day before, the minimum temperature is only 9.7 degrees celsius. Due to the wind is too large, Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory also released a gale blue warning signal. Tomorrow, Shanghai will be more cold. Today, Shanghai is expected to fall to the lowest temperature of 7 degrees, the highest but also at the temperature of 9. The cold air in the process of extreme minimum temperature will appear on Thursday morning, when the city is only about 5 degrees Celsius, the suburbs are lower than the temperature of 2 ~ 3, there will be more frost or dark cream. Fortunately, the cold air will Yuandun, 25 during the day the temperature will rise slowly after 4 to 5 days; the north without strong cold air. In addition, Shanghai is still rain today, the rain Thursday rest before Friday will usher in precipitation. Experts advise that cold air can easily lead to colds, respiratory infections and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and other diseases, the public should pay attention to timely warm. Broadcast to Tencent micro-blog scan left two-dimensional code: concern Shanghai play (lvyouSH) weekend to play hi! Reply to "around the island": around seven islands, blue sky go! Reply: "long legs" beauty Xiaobian teach you to shoot long legs! There are occasional free tour group welfare, in Shanghai play Oh ~ ~ ~相关的主题文章: