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The accident is under investigation China Tesla responded: I do not know whether the autopilot is enabled on September 15th news, according to Reuters, Tesla Motors said in a statement Wednesday, are investigating a fatal accident occurred earlier this year in China, but there is no way to know things when the vehicle is enabled by the "Autopilot" semi automatic driving function. Tesla said: as a result of the damage caused by the collision, the car can not log data to our server, and therefore can not know when the accident occurred, the vehicle is enabled Autopilot function. The company said it had tried several times to work with high family members to determine the cause of the crash, but the high family "did not provide us with any additional information that allowed us to do so."." Prior to CCTV rule of law column exposure occurred in Hebei, Handan Tesla automatic driving function caused death. A man was driving the Tesla driving on the highway, the car to avoid obstacles, the man hit dodge road sweeping car accident. This is the first since the disclosure of Tesla automatic driving function caused fatal traffic accidents. Traffic police investigation found that before the crash, the car involved in the accident Tesla did not carry out any escape and deceleration, to maintain the speed of the road ahead of the founder of the construction work of the road sweeper tail. The families of the deceased have sued Tesla, claims 10 thousand yuan. According to CCTV reported that the accident occurred in January this year, was not disclosed. In other words, the accident occurred in China, as early as in May 7th, the United States, Florida Model S accident death occurred, Tesla is the first fatal accident driving. Another veteran in the industry broke the news on the first financial, Tesla automatic driving accident in fact, most have not been reported. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: