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The Uber account is disabled inexplicably: reply vague   alleged violations of the user’s right to know –IT– people.com.cn original title: Uber account inexplicably disabled: reply vague alleged violations of the user’s right to know the Uber account was disabled as the mystery of obscure network about the car platform, the Uber rules should be clear, the user enjoys being disabled while Uber provides the right to know; communication channels over a single platform, also did not give a clear answer, the conduct alleged violations of the right to know of consumers, consumers can make a complaint by the weekend trainee reporter Luo Congran pursues "let travel of people like water smooth" Uber to the consumer, this seems to make the user experience "is not smooth". Recently, a number of Uber users reflect their accounts inexplicable disabled, unable to log on to a taxi, sent to the Uber e-mail address has not been resolved, the specific reason is not yet known to be disabled. Experts believe that the Uber as the network about the car platform, the social public service function, the platform rules should be clear, registered in the platform for disabled users to enjoy the right to know; but Uber provides communication channels over a single platform, also did not give a clear answer, the bank for alleged violations of the consumer’s right to know, consumers can make a complaint to the consumers association. Account inexplicably disabled, only to hear the driver will lead to a single account was sealed, as a normal taxi passengers, why our account will be closed?" Account has been disabled for nearly a month of Wang Wei (a pseudonym), has yet to get the exact response Uber. July 31st at noon, plans to travel Wang Wei, as usual, open the Uber ready to call the car. However, after opening the APP found that the account has been in a state of login has become a non login state, re-enter the account password, but pop up your account has been disabled. Please contact support@uber to resolve as soon as possible". We want to use the wife account then called the car, but found him and bound "family account" (the accounts of several people can be bound together, the organizer for the family fare paid to play) wife account has also been closed. Wang Wei in accordance with the e-mail address to send a feedback message; 3 days later, Uber mailbox reply to its point in APP help to solve. "However, the account has been sealed how to open APP?" Then he sent a message back to the problem, but the mailbox will automatically reply every time, no one has to solve his problem. Until August 20th, Uber to reply in an email sending mail to Wang Wei, said the support mailbox has been disabled, and provides three alternative solutions for users in APP: click on "help", "in the end, call the account security feedback service line. Wang Wei immediately called the service line, but the results are unsatisfactory, responsible for answering the customer said, they have no authority to deal with, can only record the situation of Wang Wei, and then feedback to the relevant departments. Now with respect to "know the truth" Wang Wei, "Li Ge Sina micro-blog users Guanren perhaps)相关的主题文章: