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The lion powder released the new Peugeot 308 from the sale price of 99 thousand and 700 young people embrace – Sohu 2016-09-25 Douglas said the car said last year when the new Peugeot Douglas 308S and we met in the car, we started looking forward to the three car version of the 308. After more than a year, in this year’s Beijing auto show, the new 308 finally meet us, as a new generation of models, most car companies will conduct a re adjustment of the product appearance, interior configuration and price. The car will be equipped with 1.6L 1.2T 1.6T three models of the engine of a total of 6 models to choose, officially listed in Xi’an tonight at the price of up to 99 thousand and 700. Take a look at the lion Douglas conference bustling powder. The general manager of Dongfeng Peugeot Li Haigang led the staff to the last song conference ended, more than 300 lions fly open up a fresh outlook and a new generation of Peugeot 308 photo end make people full of excitement. lion powder conference, then take a look at the following Columbia Road 308 is equipped with a new generation of signs. The first is the appearance, the new car has been completely out of 308 cash, family using the latest design. Design inspiration from the grille dot racing black-and-white checkered flag, collocation LED Lions Eye headlamps to face more vivid. Taillights were blackened, create taillights lionpaw shape, wide black trim panel through the rear of the car, connected with the two side taillights. Exhaust layout uses a low profile hidden design. A new generation of 308 Peugeot EMP2 based platform to build, body length and breadth were 4590*1820*1488mm, wheelbase reached 2675mm, compared with the current car size increased significantly. Compared with the same level Volkswagen Volkswagen leisurely, in addition to the length of less than 15mm, and the rest of the width, height and wheelbase than the Lang Yi more than 55mm, 28mm and 65mm, the size of a comprehensive beyond the Lang yi. In the interior design of the new car with non symmetrical design, the console 5.8° tilt to the driver’s seat; and provide convenience for the driver; the dashboard design and styling with approximate ski goggles, equipped with large size in the control panel, integrated Bluetooth, apple CarPlay and other functions; key control of air conditioning and entertainment system are focused on the screen compared with the current model, more scientific connotation. Power: a new generation of Peugeot 308 to provide 1.6L 1.2T 1.6T engine for consumer choice, the maximum power of the three engines were 117 horsepower, 136 horsepower, 167 horsepower, three horsepower. In the transmission system, 1.6L 1.2T engine optional 5 speed manual and 6 speed automatic transmission, while the 1.6T engine only match the 6 speed automatic transmission. The Peugeot brand for many young people still have feelings, the new 308 either appearance or power can also bear the feelings of concern. Douglas said the car to bring you more, faster, another public car professional network more comprehensive information on the Columbia road car相关的主题文章: