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Chengdu 4 batches of children’s furniture checked the list of substandard exposure (Figure) Sichuan Chengdu news network October 9th news (reporter Li Dan) today, the Sichuan news network reporter learned from Chengdu city Industrial and Commercial Bureau, prior to sampling in Chengdu city Industrial and Commercial Bureau in 9 batches of adult furniture checked substandard 4 batches of children’s furniture is not found qualified. Children’s furniture, Chengdu Ju Tian Wood Co. production specifications for S002 children stool and Hongkong are high Furniture Co. production specifications for Z-G01 small stool with formaldehyde to release a quantity to exceed the standard unqualified checked. Adult furniture, Chengdu Gangtai Industrial Co. production specifications for BM-3 and 2115 chairs, due to physical and chemical properties found unqualified surface. It is reported that Chengdu city Industrial and Commercial Bureau during the first half of 2016 in Chengdu District of Qingyang city (micro-blog), Wuhou District (micro-blog), high tech Zone, Qingbaijiang District, Xindu District, Shuangliu District, Chongzhou city (micro-blog) and other parts of the professional market, furniture stores and other circulation sales into people, the quality of furniture for children sampling. The sampling commissioned by the Chengdu Institute of quality inspection of products limited liability company seized. Mainly for adult furniture woodworking the sampling requirements, the surface properties of cigarette burning resistance and mechanical properties, the mechanical properties of the vertical load – Desktop – chair tipping backwards, the mechanical properties of – stool in any direction tilting and mechanical properties – bed long side of the static load, the mechanical properties of the push pull structure strength, mechanical properties – cabinet stability (when applicable), 10 indicators of formaldehyde emission, soluble heavy metal content was tested. The results showed that the sampling unqualified main problem is: adult furniture formaldehyde emissions, carpentry requirements, surface physicochemical properties and resistance to cigarette ignition project does not meet the national standards. On the construction of children’s furniture – Safety edges and tip protrusion structure, structural safety – Safety – Safety – hole and gap structure, folding mechanism, structure safety – flap, flap, structural safety – closed furniture and other safety requirements, formaldehyde emission, wooden pieces formaldehyde, surface coating migration textile fabric elements, free formaldehyde, textile fabrics, leather decomposable aromatic amine formaldehyde, decomposable aromatic amine, leather flame retardant, warning labels and other 16 indicators. The results show that the main problems found in the sampling of substandard children’s furniture is: Structural Safety – edge and tip, formaldehyde emissions, warning signs and other items do not meet national standards. Chengdu city industry and Commerce Bureau, responsible person, the industry and commerce departments have been ordered to stop the sale of substandard goods by the operator, the illegal sale of substandard goods in accordance with the law to investigate. At the same time, requiring the operator to carry out rectification, the rectification can be listed before passing the review. Editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for extended reading chilling! Shanghai informed 80% net sales of substandard children’s furniture store相关的主题文章: