Klopp won the praise he embraced the culture of Liverpool played very good-残清1864

Klopp was praised, he embraced the culture of Liverpool played very good all over the world the new season of sina sports news in Klopp so far, Liverpool’s remarkable performance. Klopp’s ability to reform the team has also been unanimously affirmed. Former Liverpool Jiujiang Harvey Alonso has praised the Cyclops very good understanding of Liverpool culture, fully integrated into the team, and played very good. Alonso in an interview with BBC, said: "the franchise is a huge boost to the city of Liverpool and the club. He is the coach of Liverpool. He embraced the culture and tradition of Liverpool, he also brought a desire to win for the team, this is very important." Alonso then praised Liverpool now play, he said: "now watch the Liverpool game, really enjoy mrs.. They played a lot of great games, they beat Arsenal in London and beat Chelsea in london. This is impressive." Quite interesting is that in a "mirror" initiated by the fans survey, there are up to 77% fans in Liverpool klopp coach for 10 years, it is enough to see how my uncle slag by Liverpool fans. (Marco)相关的主题文章: