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James agent LA mansion will buy 3 million talent to the west coast? James and his agent Ricci Paul of sina sports news Beijing time on September 14th, according to the "Cleveland daily" reported to Lebron, James’s agent Ricci Paul recently spent $3 million, bought the mansion in Losangeles. For this speculation that James’s future before the west coast, an insider, Paul only for the purchase of work. Recently, Paul spent $3 million to buy a house in Losangeles for the summer resort, which, he has also become the past year, the people of the third circles in the purchase of the people of the James. However, next season when the knights in the home court game, Paul would still be with him in Cleveland near the home of the q. Paul, now 34 years old, in addition to the agent of the, he is also the founder and Klutch sports brokerage firm CEO. The company has also signed a contract with some of the NBA players, including James’s Cavaliers teammate Tristan – Thompson. It is reported that Thompson had previously bought an area of 3900 square feet in Losangeles (about 362 square meters) of luxury. Paul, the purchase may cause Cleveland fans interest, after all James had spent $21 million in California City, Brent Wood bought a house, his longtime friend and business partner Carter maverick in the Hollywood hills bought a $3 million 470 thousand mansion. If Lebron’s business team has a tendency to collective transferred to Losangeles’s words, does this mean that James will one day in the future, will bring their talent to the west coast? After all, this year, despite the Cavaliers and James 3 years to renew the contract, but he has the right to jump out of the contract before the 2018-19 season. But a deep friendship and Paul have clarified that as the local people of Cleveland Paul "will continue to carry out the work and life in his hometown, he was in the house in Losangeles, mainly because of" in addition to Lebron, he’s more and more players choose to come to Losangeles in summer vacation." So is James, who now lives and works in his mansion in Brent,, every year in July, August and September. The same as Paul’s clients, Cory Joseph, Thompson John and Ben Simmons Waldo, most of the summer time will stay in southern California. Therefore, in order to facilitate the work, Paul needs to have a foothold in Losangeles. James Wong arrived in Losangeles, I am afraid only a beautiful fantasy. (Chi Mei)相关的主题文章: