A number of banks did not suspend the approval of the application for personal loans to carry out no-cad2012序列号和密钥

A number of banks not to suspend the application for personal loans and lending for the normal development of the 24 day, the media reported that some banks in Beijing by 9· 30 "new property market influence has suspended new housing loan business, causing widespread concern in the community. Reporters from the four major state-owned bank and Societe Generale, CITIC Prudential, and a number of joint-stock banks learned that at present the line of personal mortgage business are carried out properly, has not yet appeared to stop lending. The relevant person in charge of the bank said that the current application of personal mortgage loans, approval, lenders are carried out, there is no change. However, the line has been in accordance with regulatory requirements, strict implementation of differentiated credit policy of the new deal, the purchase of the first set of ordinary housing Shoufu not less than 35%; once again to improve the living conditions for commercial individual housing loans to purchase two sets of ordinary housing, regardless of whether the loan records, Shoufu ratio of not less than 50%; the purchase of two sets of non ordinary housing, Shoufu not less than 70%. In terms of loan interest rates, the banks are required to pay 0.85 times the minimum benchmark interest rate, the lowest of the benchmark interest rate of two sets of 1.1 times.相关的主题文章: