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The U. S. – small German 13 straight seven tournament finals Monfils occupation career promotion Djokovic final of the US Phoenix sports news Beijing on September 10th news, the 2016 US Open Tennis Championships in men’s singles semi-final contention. Now, the world’s first top seed Djokovic four hard disk, and ultimately to 6-3 6-2 3-6 6-2 defeated Monfils to qualify for two consecutive years the US Open final at the same time, the opponent’s 13 game winning streak. The final and the winner between Stanislas and kei. The current US came to the semi finals, many top players were eliminated, including unanimously optimistic about the outside No. 2 seed Murray. Djokovic before the five round opponent received 3 retirement ceremony, to qualify for the ten consecutive year the US Open semi-finals. Lying to win the small German, this season is not smooth. In addition to the French Open title in his "Grand Slam" after Wimbledon, the Olympics are ahead of the game, take the initiative to withdraw from the Cincinnati masters. The semi-final against France’s Monfils ranked twelfth in the world, before the two sides met 12 times in a small German victory overwhelmingly. Monfils occupation career first into the US Open semi-finals, "art" show another audience praise. The first game, the small German first to enter the state, many times by the opponents ball is too short for Internet hit winners and the first game. Monfils serve Shuang send 2 double mistake and lose a game. The next game, the small German began to show the first in the world domination by I, Monfils repeatedly ball fault, double fault gift, send love game, expands the score superiority to 5-0. By the French and finally started to fight back, the first is to resolve the inventory security, and the opponent hit 3 consecutive winning three break points, small key board appears 3 times double fault, Monfils seize the opportunity to chase the score 3-5. Ninth, the defending key rhythm, resolve the opponent break point Paul made a success with 6-3 xianbatouchou. Second, the small German initiative to strengthen the offensive, but missed the first break point by rival baofa. Then the world’s first even with even 8 minutes break, quickly set up the score advantage of 5-1, the first to enter inventory. Monfils was a small German hit two points in their non insurance can not serve, finally still thrilling Paul made a board. The eighth game, the small German does not leave the opportunity to easily protect hair, 6-2 to the next plate. Monfils poor state of the third set, the attitude of the game was booed by the audience booing Monfils. Will start work on failure to send break. The Frenchman was booed by stimulation, began to promote the focus, again during the vaudeville winning points, thus breaking with Paul will quickly pull the score to 4-2. The small German opponents with some impatience, rhythm disorder, the error rate increases, missed the break point after the score became 2-5. Djokovic right shoulder some request for medical injury. Playing again after Paul made a save inventory Bureau, but the Frenchman in his Serving Bureau did not give Djokovic winning opportunities to break, thus to regain a 6-3. Fourth, the defending champion began to adjust the state, first resolve the opponent after the break point Paul made a smooth firepower, then even with a broken protect quickly set up a 3-1 lead. Monfils now seems to be injured, a limp, but still insisted bitten to death defending champion, and in the fifth inning by small)相关的主题文章: