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The city of springs, which record the Wonderland – Sohu travel photo: WeChat 521 @ pink Feifei: yhl850221 personal public number: y274688682 Xianning is known as the South Gate of Hubei " ", "Wuhan garden", entitled "osmanthus town" reputation, this is a piece of ancient magical land, 1800 many years ago, the three World War took place in the Chibi, 3000 years ago unearthed in the Shang Dynasty bronze treasures…. Here is the experience of countless, green, blue sky, sweet water. Here is the most famous of the rich geothermal water resources – hot springs. Her scent, Xian Qi yun. Indulge in countless literati chant, let countless travelers yearn for. Autumn and winter day in Xianning Shanqingshuixiu, spread the hot spring dense Chibi eternal glory, the arms Wan Yong, Lu Ziqi linger ninth, Shuixiong muddy Lianjiang Sanhu Juanxiu for nine, mount Qianshan, foot bridge, eyes are feeling a spring of life diffuse late autumn to early winter when we travel together go! From the WuHan Railway Station, take the high-speed rail travel, 24 minutes can arrive at XianNing North Railway Station in less than an hour, all day long up to 65 trips can be chosen, this is their on high-speed railway G425, from Wuhan arrived in North Xianning. Due to arrive in the morning, Xianning is hosting the first Xianning Marathon: hot springs, so the majority of urban areas have been closed the road, the hotel has also been under martial law. The same day appointment Biguiyuan Goodstay Phoenix Spa Hotel shuttle car business, the staff to be able to pick up early in the morning, 8 points to go out early, to find a path to the station to meet, really want to pick up service for hotel staff warm praise. —————————————————————————————– [] about the traffic on Xianning bus ride to the mountain, Tongshan yinshuidong travel to the bus, on the way back to Xianning from the Tongshan to taste the farmhouse liuguqiao, but depends on the specific situation of the actual departure Oh ~ from the XianNing Railway Station: 10 km away from Wuhan Tianhe Airport: 120 km distance, hot spring passenger transport center: 6 national Forest Park: kilometers to Qianshan, 0.3 kilometers to Qianshan, commercial street: 2.5 km distance stars, bamboo sea area: 16 km distance, three Chibi ancient battlefield: 94 kilometers away from downtown Wuhan and Wuhan airport for 1.5 hours (by car and take the highway, bus is 2 hours drive from downtown Changsha); and the airport is 3 Hour drive. Beijing Guangzhou railway, Beijing Zhuhai Expressway close at hand, Wuhan Guangzhou high-speed railway, Wu Xian intercity light rail along with Wuhan City, convenient transportation. Car line: Wuhan City, Qing Zheng, high-speed Beijing Zhuhai Expressway (Xianning north exit), Silver Spring Avenue, Xianning Avenue, Xianning Avenue, Longtan garden Goodstay Phoenix Spa Hotel 1相关的主题文章: