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The preliminary information: two teams nearly six official matches against Sweden victory Monday 005             World Cup;; Sweden VS Bulgaria       2016-10-11; 02:45;         location: Friends: 7 degrees cloudy weather course status: Sweden in Sweden after the French European Cup only got 1 flat 2 negative record, the team was eliminated, then Ibrahimovic announced to quit the national team news. In the post Ibrahimovic era, the Swedish team won 1 World Cup wins and 1 record, first team home court drew 1-1 with Holland team, the last round of World Cup Sweden guest 1-0 victory over Luxemburg, after missing Ibrahimovic, Sweden’s attack strength is affected. The Swedish team the last 10 games home court got 4 wins 4 flat 2 negative record, winning general. The status of the Bulgarian team the last round of World Cup qualifiers: Bulgaria to 1-4 defeat to the French team, former coach Peterf to Dinamo Zagreb coach, Butcher’s successor as Kazakhstan lead Bulgaria played the first show, the team suffered a defeat. The world cup got 1 wins and 1 negative record, the team defeated Luxemburg 4-3 first home court. It is worth noting that Bulgaria last 10 games lost 23 goals, the team’s defensive problems, then anti veteran Minev because of injuries were not selected the national team list, the existence of hidden dangers in defence. Clash history: the last six games of the two teams clash record, the Swedish team won the game. Game Analysis: SMG Shengping Fu played the war out of the 1.37-3.90-7.00 SP portfolio index gives full confidence in the concessions advantage of Sweden, the Swedish team disk main let a ball water advantage on disk, although the Swedish team recently state general, but the Bulgarian defensive ability is poor, with Sweden track positive theme, the market outlook transition position to the Swedish team main let a ball ball half high water retaining potential disk, move when intended for protection of the real transition on the war, SMG Shengping Fu played his recommendation. The first prediction: Sweden: Olsen, Leandro, Olsen, Ruth Dege, Vladimir Granqvist, Berri Healy, Dumas Fuchs, Yemake, Guidedi, Berri ekdal, Bulgaria: stoia, Pierre Goff, Aleksandrov, Mira’s Love, Kostadinov, Popov, Diacov, Milanov, Aleksander Rolf, Popov, marcellinho (to snow)相关的主题文章: