The first batch of professional teachers Chinese gaming exposure list of users students early. 小坂めぐる

The first batch of professional teachers Chinese gaming exposure list of users: students as early as September 2nd, the Ministry of Education issued the relevant admission notice, the formal establishment of the "professional gaming", known as the "new gaming professional electronic sports and management professional, the professional set up under the" categories "and" sports education and professional sports professional class "670411 new professional professional code, will be performed in 2017. After the announcement, many users lamented, "the Born Under A Bad Sign" early "," never played truant". Subsequently, WCG2005 2006 Warcraft world champion Sky Li Xiaofeng said: "these two days there are a lot of people because of the things I find educational gaming, they will invite me to go to school to go for cooperation. You said, if you have the opportunity to choose a school, do you think which school style is suitable for me to teach?" And now, there are schools specializing in the creation of E-sports professional. Recently, the Inner Mongolia Electronic Sports Association, Inner Mongolia network of Electronic Sports Co., Ltd. and Xilingol Vocational College to work together to open the first e-sports professional. IG Electronic Sports Club vice president @mintyblue, Kurama at micro-blog before drying out of a Xilingol Vocational College electronic sports professional teachers, the teacher open a total of six, were covered by the popular CF, LOL, DOTA2, and furnace stone, which will have a professional teacher in class and FPS classes theory. In addition, the Career Academy electronic athletics professional enrollment is also disclosed. Prospectus shows, the country’s first professional electronic sports in Xilingol Vocational College, with the national A-level gaming hall, and lasts for two years, can participate in international and domestic large-scale tournament, you can also helicopter college. If it is you, will apply for such a professional?相关的主题文章: