Courting envy! Akemi baby 3 weeks postpartum recovery hardbodies (map)

Courting envy! Akemi baby 3 weeks postpartum recovery hardbodies (Figure) – Larisa Angela model according to Taiwan media reports, Akemi Larisa Angela September happy to greet the birth of her daughter, postpartum 3 weeks immediately back to the original thin body. Recently by the media to capture her to get rid of the traditional custom of confinement, less than 1 months began to shampoo, bath, also happy with colleagues and her husband go out to dinner, look pretty good. Although Larisa Angela is already a mother of 1 who, but the body is still thin as a young girl, wearing black shorts collocation tall canister boots, and her husband happy go out with colleagues to dinner, it is understood that she did not follow the customs of Taiwan, not only did not sit in confinement for 1 months, but also take a shower and wash your hair, but from the outside, she is still with prenatal like revealing ruddy complexion, the main reason is that the rest of her and the baby, and daughter cute to often get a good night’s sleep, so sleep quality not affected. Is able to quickly lean back in shape by Larisa Angela revealed their lactation weight, was also because of milk is too much trouble to husband Chinese medicine prescription, reduce the amount of milk, in addition, after his mother was upgraded, inevitably by the mother, close if there is a new mother "lack of milk to eat sweet potato leaves!" Also talk about whether the second plan, she also generous said originally had plans 2, hope that the next child is a boy, temporarily set at 5 to 6 years, but the husband heard immediately replied, "why so long", openly the envy of all people.相关的主题文章: