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Golden Globe Awards three girl invited Stallone as "Miss Golden Globe" – Sohu Sophia Entertainment (Sophia), Heath Siti Bnnie (Sistine) and Scarlett (Scarlet) Sohu entertainment news (the Da son) Foreign Journalists Association of Hollywood (The Hollywood Foreign Press Association) today announced that the seventy-fourth annual Golden Globe Awards (The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards) "Miss Golden Globe", by the three girls famous Hollywood action star Stallone play — beautiful figure, great Sophia (Sophia), Heath Siti Bnnie (Sistine) and Scarlett (Scarlet) the scene will appear in the Golden Globes ceremony, become the most beautiful "in the background". Stallone won the favor of the Foreign Press Association, and he just won the best supporting actor award at the beginning of this year. In the seventy-fourth session of the ceremony, Stallone is expected to be issued this year and daughter on the same stage, the best supporting actress award. Miss Golden Globe, the scenery is a annual Golden Globe Awards ceremony, many of the girls will act as a green hand "Miss Manners on stage". Of course, Miss golden globe are generally born, in the previous awards ceremony, Clint Eastwood’s daughter, Jamie Fawkes’s daughter, was unveiled at the ceremony. Although the "Miss Golden Globe astepping-stone to success" is not a young woman entered showbiz, but their appearance will undoubtedly add bright colors for the annual Hollywood’s biggest party. The Golden Globe Awards ceremony will be held in January 8, 2017, before the release of the news, this year’s Cecil prize for lifetime achievement Dimier -B- (Cecil B. DeMille Award), will be awarded the American acting star Meryl – Streep. Streep this year’s new tune "days" acclaimed, according to foreign media, she has no suspense to lock the Golden Globe Award for best actress in a comedy music nomination, is very likely to harvest in this year’s awards ceremony two golden globe.相关的主题文章: