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Pudong airport bombing suspects been arrested once said "as the ultimate death" – Beijing Legal Network in Shanghai on 12 September, reporter Yu Dongming correspondent Jiang Fengjing today, Shanghai Pudong Procuratorate of Pudong airport bombing suspect Jiang made the decision to approve the arrest. In June 12th this year, 14 am, Shanghai City, Pudong airport terminal T2 of C Island No. 26 layer at the counter, a man suddenly from the carry on backpack with homemade explosives with a beer bottle to the value of the cabinet stage crowd, explosion scene three is ticket passengers were injured (no danger). Then the man from the backpack out of the knife, cut the neck Dutch act, attempted after being rushed to hospital. The investigation, identified the man as Zhou Moumou, male, 29 years old, Dejiang County of Guizhou people. When he was in May this year, the family was criticized for not to care for their parents, not to send money home, and Lenovo to their peers have their own up, marry and settle down, the more I feel useless, from the Dutch act idea, and want to engage in the Dutch act before the explosion, to win the attention of the society. Because of their small when seen ink bottle plug the child fish powder at home, so that the powder is put into a glass bottle, and then stuffed into the soil after the fire will explode, but there is a certain power. A few years ago in the news to see someone in Beijing airport explosion, caused great concern, so he decided to do so. Zhou Moumou finally chose the Pudong airport, because Shanghai is an international metropolis, the influence; two is the transportation hub with many people, can cause widespread concern; three is that Pudong airport’s international flights more, greater impact. The afternoon of June 9, 2016, working in Jiangsu city of Kunshan Province Zhou Moumou alone to a fireworks store, bought 36 fireworks, put portable snakeskin bag, and in friendship road in a residential rental room, the fireworks gunpowder ripped out, beer bottle glass slag mixed crack, making three a simple bottle explosion. Zhou Moumou from Kunshan to Shanghai by bus, and go directly to Pudong airport. Before the bombing behavior, Zhou Moumou in the airport terminal to sit for a long time, fear of crowded, if the explosion will cause panic and stampede, may be dead, so the final choice of a terminal 2 is the baggage handling people feel there is not too many people. He went to the people side, to carry the backpack on the ground, pulled out from the bag Erguotou drank a mouthful of courage, and then from the bag out of the beer bottle prior to the explosion, took out a lighter to ignite, and threw beer bottles at the queue. Explosions in the terminal, passengers were unprepared for the four flying glass shards, order at the scene suddenly a mess. Run a few steps under the consciousness of Zhou Moumou after a pause, and from the bag took out a knife to cut throat but was behind the Dutch act, people discovered and down, but the blade or across his throat. He had been lying on the ground after he was injured, looking at the ceiling of the airport, his mind blank, until the police arrived, was sent to the hospital. According to Zhou’s relatives and friends, Zhou mou"相关的主题文章: