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The woman remember long, then the United States also don’t wear! – even to the Sohu in order to pursue the summer cool, elegant and decent woman should dress, some clothes do not touch, or wear out this summer even ruin. Mast hole jeans all-match is right, but the premise is suitable for their own all-match. Inappropriate mast hole jeans will devour your waistline, expose your weaknesses, even procrastination is simply a pants ruined neither fish nor fowl, all. If your leg is good, please be sure to choose a small jeans, is definitely your most loyal partner. Leg fat women, can consider the wide leg pants, high heels, legs stretched ratio, both thin and elegant, with a sense of ~ Haren Haren pants pants in summer while wearing breathable cool, but the hips too big is not suitable to wear Haren pants, it would be the body of the middle it is also significantly shorter hypertrophy. In fact, a simple straight pants can be the perfect modified leg type, let person lankier. The coat is most likely a long tight abdominal fat place, summer generally wore a dress, if the coat is too tight, with no dewlap coat shielding, embarrassed. The upper part of the body can wear a loose T-shirt, lower body to wear more tight pants, Panasonic tight with more likely to show body oh. Although it’s more cool to wear shorts in the summer, it’s not embarrassing to wear so short shorts The clothes are too many people in order to pursue cool, in the summer can wear thin how thin, but there is a bottom line is, do not be too revealing that even underwear…… The waist is too low in order to show the figure, midriff does not matter, but at low to the extent that too low. Revealing underwear marks wear too tight underwear or pants, will let the traces of underwear revealed no doubt. Give up a fake buy fake it. Others don’t care whether you can afford to buy Chanel, Hermes, but the fake dress, can only make others aware of your cheap posturing. Throw away those fake, do the really the best of yourself. Summer is a good opportunity to show off the body, to avoid these summer dress taboo, let yourself go out every day, the United States and the United States相关的主题文章: