Beijing will build a model worker wall of small business loans to start the program – Beijing 工号9527为您服务�����

Beijing will build a "model worker" wall of small business loans to start the program – Beijing, Beijing in September 14 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ceng Nai) Beijing City Vice Chairman of union party secretary, Ceng Fanxin, said on 14, Beijing will build a "model wall", years will start labor Plaza project construction, to carry forward the spirit of labor, artisan spirit; and the introduction of "capital workers entrepreneurial microfinance program", and strive for the year to achieve 10 million yuan of loans. In September 14th, the Beijing Municipal Federation of trade unions chairman of the trade union work conference held in the city, from the city, bureau, Group Corporation, colleges and universities, some municipal authorities and nearly 500 union president to attend the meeting. Deputy director of the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress, union chairman Niu Youcheng said on that day, the Beijing trade union work has made great achievements, but with the economic and social development, Beijing and other emerging groups emerge, workers demand more and more diversified, such as ideological changes, as to provide a space for union workers, but also brought new challenges. To meet the challenges, to promote the reform of trade union work." The cow said, reform is not a simple increase or decrease in the number of personnel and institutions, trade union reform should focus on three aspects, namely the function of accurate positioning, improve work efficiency, enhance the employee feel. Niu Youcheng stressed that the work of trade unions to think of workers as a starting point, find out, touch the needs of prospective workers, targeted to provide services, improve service means. For the first half of this year, Beijing City Vice Chairman of union party secretary, Ceng Fanxin, will be "Beijing craftsman" cultivation of selected tree as the starting point, innovative staff development platform, to the grassroots, line, operating post staff as the main body, the selected tree "Beijing craftsman". Specifically, will promote the relevant departments to formulate policies, establish incentive mechanism to protect Beijing craftsman, open line workers occupation development channel; enable Beijing city workers of high skilled talents training base, increase the talents with high skill training; introduction of "capital workers entrepreneurial microfinance program", to determine the pilot units, and strive to achieve a loan of 10 million yuan target years; to strengthen the system of international communication, international organizations to carry out technical skills competition and exchange activities. Beijing will be "model wall" construction as the carrier, carry forward the spirit of model workers, labor spirit, artisan spirit. Ceng Fanxin said, the second half will be a municipal "model worker" wall location, design, construction, propaganda work, start the labor square project, edited since the new Chinese established national and municipal model workers list; trade unions at all levels actively establish model in areas and enterprises, trade union service center service station, Zhigongzhijia display area. "Through model biography, micro video, film and television works etc., promote the spirit of model workers," Ceng Fanxin said. He said, will promote the reform of trade union work, adhere to the party’s leadership, problem oriented, innovation and development "three basic principles, maintain and enhance the work of trade unions and trade unions" political, advanced, mass ", and strive to overcome the" and administrative organs, the aristocratic and entertainment phenomenon, do more direct contact with the staff, more direct service workers and safeguard the rights and interests of workers more directly, the construction industry)相关的主题文章: