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This is the way in which psychologists recognize! – Sohu often listen to the child when the mother said: children at home have a fear of people. It is said that if no one live child, if not to be able to give their children a deterrent or scruples, children will become lawless, no rules. So, the family will consciously create such a strict father or mother image, called "establish authority". When the child is not obedient, they will say: "no longer obedient, your father came ah!" "You again…… , tell your mom! She doesn’t pick you up!" Children will be afraid of the psychological become "good" up. However, if it is used to allow the child to "fear" to restrict, it may be more so that parents can be controlled and feel at ease and rest assured, but could have thought of what is the price? If you let the child afraid of you because of you, to please you, is to shout to the child: you are not important! The most important thing for parents to discipline their children is to develop clear rules that children can follow, rather than relying on the "fear" of anxiety and tension. In 1978, Diana, an American psychologist, put forward the two dimensions of parenting style, that is, the requirements and responsiveness of ·, which is called "". The question of sex is whether parents establish appropriate standards for their children’s behavior, and insist that their children meet them. Reactivity refers to the degree of acceptance of the child and the degree of sensitivity to the needs of the child. According to these two dimensions, it can be divided into four types: authoritative, authoritarian, indulgent and neglect. First of all, the real authoritative parenting style is not the same as most Chinese parents think. Authority is not pout, but not frighten children. But to give the child a reasonable request, and appropriate restrictions on the child’s behavior. At the same time, parents will show their love for their children, and listen carefully to the child’s thoughts. Children who grow up in this way, have a strong sense of self-confidence and good self-control, and will be more optimistic and positive. While the authoritarian parents asked their children to obey their unconditional mean what one says. Children have no right to independence. In this way, children grow up, will show more anxiety, depression and other negative emotions and behavior, but they may have better performance in the school, more obedient, discipline. Indulgent parents show a lot of love and expectations for their children, but they seldom ask and control their behavior. The children who grow up in this way are easy to be immature and unable to control themselves. Neglect of parents are not very concerned about their children, for their children, they generally only provide accommodation and clothing and other substances, and will not provide support in spirit. Children who grow up in this way, it is easy to adapt to obstacles, their ability to adapt and self-control is often poor. From this we can see that a good way of family education, first of all must be based on love. Between parents and children, only the first to establish a love response.相关的主题文章: