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8 consecutive months ranked the top complaints no wonder everyone says that the car is easy to repair the bad Sohu automobile quality has been consumers are most concerned about the problem, if you want to evaluate a car is good, the right to speak of the owner! AQSIQ automobile defect information acquisition system (China’s only official car complaints platform) announced in October complaints from owners around the country. Last month, the system received a total of complaints, compared with the first two months of growth. The complaint owners most cars is American cars, this is the car for 8 consecutive months ranked "top"! Market rumors, American cars to repair bad ", it is not unreasonable. The system was last month, the largest number of complaints in the top 10 models, the United States Department of the car and the head; of which there are 4 models of the United States Department of the car, the German car is the 3 section, the Japanese car is the 2, the 1 is a European car. Poor evaluation of the first 10 models in the absence of Chinese brand car oh! Follow DearAuto deer sliding down, look at the owners of most complaints is what car. Audi NO.10 Q5: 19 before the September sales volume of complaints: 98687 complaint parts: engine, transmission, additional equipment, frame SUV luxury brand is the best selling Audi Q5, thought the quality is very good, I did not expect to be so many complaints. Judging from the owners of complaints, Audi Q5 fault is the most parts of the frame, gearbox, engine and other core issues, it seems and Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi’s quality has yet to be improved? NO.9 Octavia complaints: 29 September sales: 111680 complaint parts: seat, frame, additional equipment, air conditioning, mechanical brake, with stable design, rich configuration, Octavia long touted by the market, the average monthly sales remained at 000. But to tell the truth, the car’s quality is not good, every month to patronize complaints list. Octavia little giant, all kinds of faults are not a "disease", is not easy to recall. The volume of complaints: 31 NO.8 before the September sales: 75821 complaint parts: engine, mechanical Toyoda Kamimizu’s reputation is a symbol of the global world, "IKEA" is the biggest advantage of it. However, since TOYOTA in China to speed up the localization process, quality control can not keep up with the pace of. On October the Camry is also the top ten list of complaints, the main complaint is part of the engine, uniform 2.0L models. The concern is that Lexus had to recall in China nearly 20 thousand units ES 200 models, the Camry 2.0L engine and ES 2.0L are the same. Lexus ES 200 recall the vehicles within the scope of EGR as the engine control computer (EGR) valve control program is not perfect, some cases may cause engine stalling, resulting in the rear of the vehicle rear end accident, there are security risks. 2 of the Camry owners can pay attention. NO.相关的主题文章: