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Jin Yanling won the Golden Horse actress: Nominated six times four times to get awards Sina entertainment news the evening of November 26th, the fifty-third annual Golden Horse Awards ceremony held. Taiwan actress Jin Yanling with a "ignorance" won the best supporting actress. Jin Yanling is the sixth Best Supporting Actress for the second time, the second prize, she is still supporting the record holder. In 1994, she won the best supporting actress for Edward Yang’s "independent era". This is Edward Yang "brighter summer day" on the 25 anniversary of Jin Yanling, also feel nostalgic for Edward Yang: "25 years ago, I took my newborn daughter back to Taiwan, take Yang Drama, especially feeling today Yang is not here, and I was 62 years old, or not to control his emotions." Jin Yanling: a speech on the stage once choked, she said: "I said to myself, to try to keep up don’t get too excited. 22 years ago I took a, many things have happened in 22 years, not a few words can be finished, I am very lucky to have a lot of chance so that I can continue to work, I am not a classically trained actor, every time I only know the good intentions, so you can bring it. My next job opportunity, thank you for my identity review horse. Thank you, director Huang Jin, Xie Zhiwei, for your phone, I did not interfere on the play." A "no" is the first Ming Department of Hongkong government funded film, only 2 million funds to complete the shooting, the shooting period is only 16 days, while Jin Yanling was only one day, but very much shooting games. Jin Yanling admitted that he did not want to win this drama. Jin Yanling recalled that he was nominated for the six time, there are four times she wanted to win the prize, the results did not get, and did not expect to win the award of the two, but won. "Last year I especially hope that with the" tap "blood for get, but I didn’t get. Take "11" I hope very much to be nominated, but did not attend the golden horse award." (the Xia photography (Beijing): vhaha statement: commissioning editor) sina.com.cn exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章: