Xun Zhou’s car 4 million 500 thousand, comparable to the hotel is 13 meters long, 45 square – car So 高达08ms小队

Xun Zhou’s car 4 million 500 thousand, comparable to the hotel is 13 meters long, 45 square – Sohu car stars go without a car and car shooting, can bring a lot of convenience, and can solve the problem of eating and sleeping in the car, after shooting some desolate many facilities or not in place. The car has many domestic star, Zhao Benshan, Han Han, Zhou Libo, Han Han before the movie is to buy a 9 meter long car to the actors with rest, in my opinion is spacious enough, did not think of Xun Zhou’s car and more expensive, the price of the car over 4 million. The first big coffee Xun Zhou gold absorption capacity is not covered, a car about 4000000, there are several actors and? This car chassis based on the German MAN truck, and a lot of cars inside, everything, Restroom, bedroom, kitchen and so on, this car is 13 meters long, 2.5 meters wide, 3.9 meters high, inside the 26 square, stretching to reach 45 square meters, equivalent to five star hotel room. The car belongs to the absolute custom section, according to Xun Zhou’s preferences to build, spent almost 4 million 500 thousand, is not really expensive. Water storage, generators and satellite navigation. The internal external cool, practical, is a flow of "home". With the external expansion out of the balcony, sitting on the sun terrace coffee is excellent, clean and quiet mobile home. This car to create a cycle is very long, almost half a year. Before the television broadcast car can stretch, car or first time see. But every time you want to make cars "operation" up to the staff for help. It focused on the basic necessities of life ", the internal layout and hotel suites are almost the same, if take a cook and nurse is more perfect. Filming will not feel boring, in such an environment can have a good rest.相关的主题文章: