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Semen color is "healthy wind vane"? – Sohu mother said: I found a person consulting my semen is yellow, I do not know is not normal, what color is normal? In fact, there are many people who have such doubts, there are many patients in the clinic to mention such a problem. First of all, we come to understand the composition of semen, semen by sperm and seminal plasma composition. Only a small amount of sperm, more than 90% of seminal plasma. Seminal plasma is secreted by the prostate, seminal vesicle, bulbourethral gland, urethral tract glands and other accessory gland, the main ingredient is water, fat, and protein granules, pigment granules, lecithin and enzyme, fructose and other ingredients. Second, the color of semen is determined by the composition of the composition of semen. Normal human semen is white or slightly yellow, if abstinence time longer, because of the change of physicochemical properties, the color will be yellow, this is normal. So when you see the color of semen is a bit yellow, to rule out abstinence time is too long, if there is still a problem to do further examination of the reasons for the timely treatment. The following is a brief introduction to the situation of abnormal semen, if the following color appears to be timely semen. 1 semen was milky white or slightly yellowish green if observed under the microscope will see a large number of pus, which indicates that there is inflammation in the genital tract, it is likely to be the pyogenic infection of the prostate and seminal vesicles. 2 the semen was red that semen contains red blood cells, usually called hemospermia. At this time, patients tend to be very worried that it was a very serious disease. In fact, this is only a number of inflammation caused by. The majority of blood caused by the seminal vesiculitis or prostatitis. This kind of inflammation caused by blood was pale red. If due to vascular malformation caused by rupture of small blood vessels, blood is bright red, and see a blood clot. The more serious such as seminal vesicle, prostate cancer will be pure, but generally, the characteristics of cancer presenting with persistent hemospermia, and there is increasing trend, and the inflammation caused by different ways. In addition, such as tuberculosis, schistosomiasis or systemic blood system diseases occasionally can cause blood, all should treat the corresponding diseases. According to clinical observation, genital tract bleeding, the semen was red or pink, under the microscope, a large number of red blood cells, some of the naked eye is reddish brown or soy sauce, because semen contains a large number of red blood cells. For these pathological finding should be timely for diagnosis and treatment of hemospermia. Abnormal color of semen is not terrible, once the cause of symptomatic treatment, the color can return to normal.相关的主题文章: