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The "sky" staged finale ending will be announced to the wind Tianyi Fuling – Sohu   entertainment; "nine sky" staged finale entertainment Sohu ever escape into the sky to Fuling pollen on earth’s fate? She can wind and Tianyi lovers? Tonight (Thursday), Jiangsu satellite TV Week broadcast big drama Kyushu sky city will reveal all the mystery! It is reported that the Kyushu sky city at the beginning of the production, the design of the network and television two versions of the finale. And earlier, the big screen end has been exposed, many users have Tucao too tragic". Therefore, tonight (September 1st) the end of the TV version can be a happy ending, it is particularly interesting. Sky City, the new outcome of the appearance of Jiangsu satellite TV as the first week of Jiangsu satellite TV broadcast drama, Kyushu sky city seems to be very different from the very beginning. Near the end, the drama side once again gave the audience a little surprise. It is reported that the play at the beginning of the production of two different versions of the finale, the story and the fate of the characters very different. However, after the end of the online version of the exposure, or by the consensus of the audience tucao. The reason is that this version of the ending is too tragic, easily turned into the stream of Poria cocos pollen, from the death of a beauty; wind Tianyi quest, end up miserable situation with white hair. "Screenwriter teacher, you stand out. We’ll have a good talk!" The audience to denounce screenwriter wavewave. Attendant, is the audience for the TV version of the Kyushu Sky City, the outcome of the strong expectations. "Nine" sky "double the outcome is not a spur of the moment, when photography and drama agreed well, which is the new attempt of interactive network. Tonight, the audience chasing a whole summer sky city, another outcome of suspense will be announced in Jiangsu satellite tv." Jiangsu TV official said. The wind to Fuling Tianyi ending audience seeking light abuse after ending the network was widely Tucao, largely because of the wind and Fuling "Tianyi meant" helpless Zhichitianya is to let people sad endless. Therefore, for tonight’s TV version of the outcome, and will eventually wind Tianyi easy Fuling hand success, has become the most concern of the audience. In front of the plot, and the wind was forced to swap the white Tingjun tayee fate, and then the latter became easy Fuling in the eyes of the lover. At the same time, the wind was imprisoned in the Sky City Tianyi, easy Fuling in meteor flora is gradually awakening. To avoid the tragedy, the wind must escape Tianyi Sky City, and we try to prevent the awakening of flora. Yuhuang how to turn bad into good, this seemingly impossible task, "sky city" Kyushu tonight become the biggest surprise, has also become the key about the fate of all the characters in the play. Screenwriter teacher, seeking light abuse ah! At least let the wind and Fuling together to look for you!" I bet 50 Fen, and finally a happy ending, with the network version is very interesting!" For tonight’s finale, users have given their own speculation.相关的主题文章: