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Niu sengru and "yique case" – Beijing the partisanship lasted more than 40 years, called the civilian political group the longest history, the highest China class a "tear", the last bit of energy Datang is almost frittered away. Even Tang Wenzong was sent to Hebei "to the thief, faction difficult" sighed. Turn back, it is hard to say that the two sides who is right and who is wrong, is just the national interest group, regardless of partisan cliques. But one thing worth mentioning is that either Niu sengru or Li Deyu or they were "little brother", not an illiterate or moron can even say, most knowledgeable, full of wit, otherwise you will not be torn so high. With Niu sengru as an example, is not only the political nobles, even when young literary celebrities, and Bai Juyi and Liu Yuxi are good friends, after boarding the phase, in the busy state over time, also wrote a famous ghost notes "xuanguailu", and about his anecdotes, too in many ancient notes, among which the most famous writer of the Tang dynasty recorded in the history of "Lu Zhao" in "yique case". A man eating: in case of major yecha tomb and the early Yuan, Niu sengru was appointed as the official yique. Yique southwest today in the Henan Yichuan County, is the highest executive master of a county military and armed forces. At that time, Niu sengru has the prominent in the world, there is a surname of the scholar are old friends with him, with this to him, ask him to guide one or two. "The road to the rainstorm, hail, thunder" when it was late, I, a black, a pluggin a has been rain and hail hit in a disastrous state broken umbrella, look around, do not see any lights, know it is difficult to find a place to spend the night, had to hide under a tree branches fan Mao trees. Gradually the rain stopped, a crescent moon hanging in the sky. Zhang Sheng and nunnery are extremely sleepy, beikaozhuobei asleep beneath the tree. Suddenly, they were awakened by a tragic sound of horses, "see objects such as demon, long Shu Zhang, Zhang lives with food horse", Zhang rolled to the side of the convulsed with fear, grass, dare not move. But the demon finished horse teeth hanging bloodshot and eat the nunnery of the donkey, being anxious, to fight with the demon, Inuyasha and grabbed it, throw in the air, violent roar, "two cracking"! Zhang saw the bloody scene, couldn’t resist, screamed, and ran, Inuyasha when he realized the grass was behind the person, want to catch up, but Zhang ran too fast, after a mile, he ran away. Zhang heard footsteps behind gradually disappeared, calmed, found a huge grave roadside, stood a woman. Zhang life hurriedly call for help, the woman asked him how? He told her that she met Inuyasha, pointing to the woman said: "this is a grave tomb in nothing, only the back is provided with a hole, you quickly go into hiding, or Yaksha chase you’re dead." Zhang found the tomb of the hole, hurry to join in, there is deep and large, very strange, then he thought, how would there be at dead of night, a woman standing on the edge of the tomb? Why didn’t she heard Inuyasha to tell myself.相关的主题文章: