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The French overlord reduced to 1 in the Bundesliga team record wonderful worm away stunned Paris passers-by under the Aimeilizhi as expected Beijing time on October 28th, Friday once again hit the lottery. The state of instability at the Lille Paris, Longmen Xing home court against Frankfurt, the Spanish Royal Society Eli Gane J dish chicken pecking. Which team is bravery, which team to look at the small cold, big data how to say. [see small lottery winning rookie, increase the prediction of 1 yuan & charge 2500 to send 2500] Paris and no longer road loss rate of 80% with the departure of Ibrahimovic pan and coach Emeri white, Paris new season has been the lack of stability, performance is also a lot less than in previous years, the only product 20 points ranked third in france. The new season of the 5 round games, Paris 3 wins and 2 losses, while in the road, Paris is 1 wins and 4 loss, lose rate as high as 80%, after the team Yunan Lorient (lost away rate 100%). This time away in Lille, Paris, although the strength and the track are dominant, but consider Paris is still in the running stage, still need to prevent the occurrence of unexpected. Borussia home court home court is quite good — a trend which cannot be halted Borussia Moenchengladbach is the famous "wonderful" Bundesliga team, who will dare to win away from home court, who would lose power, a great contrast, people loaded mesh tongue. The new season, Borussia still maintained this tradition, home court 3 wins and 1 draws unbeaten away 1 flat 3 negative to 1 wins. The campaign against Borussia Frankfurt road force general, pony would strive to 3 points. Dish chicken pecking ended Eli Gane J’s social decadent state score of only 53 points, Eli Gane J home court 3 game losing streak, the royal society 3 straight away, so the two teams will play a game on Friday morning, said that the dish chicken pecking a little too much. Small strength index shows that the status of Eli Gane J score is only 53, the attack strength score of 61, while the offensive efficiency is as low as 45. It can be seen that promoted the strength of the players is not up to the standard of La Liga, facing the rich experience of the Royal Society, I am afraid is fraught with grim possibilities.相关的主题文章: