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Fund managers talk about the bond market: short-term fluctuations or increase the long-term is still good to We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: fund manager about bond market: short term volatility or increase the long-term is still the better editor’s note: after continuous year bond bull market, the bond market has a certain fluctuation, at the same time, the central bank recently proposed bank balance sheet financing into MPA assessment within the framework of the news spread like wildfire, some investors worried about the market to adjust the mood again rose. Therefore, the "Securities Daily" fund department interviewed 6 investment in the bond fund performance better, ask them to talk about the current situation, how to control the retracement and how to treat the bond market investment opportunities? The downside risk-free rate of return or long-term trend but the bond market still overall investment opportunities – trainee newspaper reporter Hou Xiaoxi in the moment, how to treat the bond fund, and will look for opportunities in where? Recently, "Securities Daily" reporter interviewed the deputy director of the Department of public funds, fixed income fund fund manager of the Soviet Union seek East Chinese investment fund; management department deputy general manager of the investment department person in charge Liang Weihong and the recent "private to public" Peng Yang fund. The three fund companies, there are many years of investment experience and outstanding historical performance in fixed income products. Chinese fund management Weihong beam Goldfield Chinese double bonds bonds, 2 year rate of return of 46.72%, deputy director, brisk earnings; vanguard fixed income fund manager Su Moudong, in fund management with bond funds and money funds, management of the 10000 rollover bond yields nearly three months as of 1.83%, ranked 1/3 before the camp; and recently involved in the public offering of business Pengyang fund, although there is no public offering of products was born, but the "public", can be called a private debt based gangster. Three fund companies point of view, eye-catching. Three fund companies tend to view the view that the financial inclusion of MPA rumors, the first to bring a greater psychological impact. In the long run, after the slowdown in off balance sheet financing, off balance sheet yields will gradually decline, help to reduce the cost of financing the whole society. Next year, the bond market still exist as a whole investment opportunities, bond funds become a no better investment varieties. In the interview, Peng Yang told reporters that the fund bond yields continued to decline at the same time is still considered "no better" investment products, the basic reason is that the real economic returns continue to decline in the past few years, the bank for the real credit growth resulting in a continuous decline. Ten thousand fund said, asset shortage is actually reflected in the real economy, lack of financing needs, and the money supply is more abundant contradictions. If the financing needs of the real economy continues to decline in the latter, while the currency continues to maintain a neutral partial loose pattern, then the bond may be the only to meet the needs of institutional configuration of a large class of assets. The Chinese Fund believes that the bond theory相关的主题文章: