The implementation of food wholesale warehouse Lixian filing and inspection system — the food chann 音羽かなで

The implementation of food wholesale warehouse Lixian filing and inspection system — the food channel — original title: Lixian implementation of wholesale food warehouse registration and inspection system of food wholesale operators is an important object of the supervision of food safety, because most food wholesale business premises and warehouse operators to set up in different places, the warehouse has been a blind spot and difficulty of food safety supervision. In order to strengthen food safety supervision of Lixian warehousing, food and Drug Supervision Bureau to actively explore the implementation of food wholesale warehouse, filing and inspection system, to regulate the behavior of warehousing and wholesale food operators. The Council actively to food wholesale enterprises propaganda "food safety law", "Gansu province food warehouse management standard (Trial)" and other laws and regulations, to educate consumers on food wholesale warehouse filing system, to encourage the masses to supervise food business operators, to engage in wholesale food business operators to understand the relevant provisions of the state, initiative and consciousness the initiative will be outside the premises in accordance with the law for food storage. Up to now, the county has a total of 38 wholesale food wholesale record. Lixian bureau according to the warehouse record, make inspection plan, strengthen the daily supervision. The requirements of food wholesale warehouse implementation of color management, use of green and white food area identification, food quarantine area with yellow and white logo, substandard food with red and white logo. The Bureau of the business premises and storage in the same place, together with the on-site inspections of food business operators; storage of food in place of place of business other than the record in the register, the County Bureau of supervision of food stocks and food and drug inspection bureau is responsible for supervision and implementation of a file on the operators of food storage, under the regulation of archives. At the same time, the strict implementation of dynamic inspection system. On the basis of routine inspections, the County Bureau commissioned by the food and drug administration to carry out monthly food safety inspection of the area, the food wholesale warehouse monthly random checks. The results of the online inspection, the food and drug according to the results of timely follow-up, timely specification. Law enforcement officers often go deep into the warehouse workshop, to guide operators to standardize the operation, and urge them to set up ventilation, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti rat facilities to ensure food warehouse environment clean, away from the source of pollution. (Dang Haiwen) (NIE Cong laugh right, commissioning editor: Juan)相关的主题文章: