IFLYTEK invited to participate in the China Unicom raise 4 – Sohu Technology Conference matlab 等高线�

IFLYTEK invited to participate in the "China Unicom raise 4 – Sohu Technology Conference" the afternoon of November 4th, "China Unicom raise 4 conference held a new conference in Qingdao, iFLYTEK shows TV language points and products at the meeting heard xunfei. IFLYTEK senior vice president, the Secretary of the board of directors Mr. Jiang Tao attended and delivered a speech. The current large screen TV content resources, how to quickly and easily find the contents of the program from the cumbersome content, has become a big screen TV user level pain points. This conference, Xunfei brought television language is precisely to Chinese Unicom IPTV users to solve the pain points of the "platform + terminal integration products". TV language is entrance level platform terminal products iFLYTEK core voice technology R & D capability of a smart home based business. The use of remote intelligent voice iFLYTEK independent research and development, combined with the core technology and cloud iFLYTEK television voice search capabilities, through voice control of the entire process, one word can achieve the traditional key type remote control all the tedious operation, and provides technical support for the future entrance speech platform establishment and build smart court ecosystem. TV language demonstration iFLYTEK and throughout the meeting heard released. Xunfei heard intelligent conference system applicable to all types of government organs, enterprises and institutions of the office meetings, conferences, training and other kinds of writing on the high demand for speech to the scene, can be real-time recording and conference speech into text, the end of the meeting to prepare a draft; and with the web client or large screen sound and text synchronous broadcast. Xunfei heard using speech recognition engine, iFLYTEK advanced language model and acoustic model resources, through personalized custom standard Mandarin transliteration accuracy can reach more than 97%. IFLYTEK senior vice president, the Secretary of the board of directors Mr. Jiang Tao said that at present in the field of artificial intelligence China, iFLYTEK has formed a good foundation, can represent Chinese in many field to participate in the global competition. In the future of artificial intelligence industry tide and the industrial revolution will be the birth of a number of great companies, we also hope to be able to talk to Chinese Unicom, all partners to carry out in-depth cooperation, to promote the development of artificial intelligence technology on artificial intelligence service, with hundreds of thousands of households, the service life of each person. The scene and heard the whole speech transcribed iFLYTEK in 2012 on the establishment of the China Unicom long-term stable strategic cooperation with China Unicom Chinese, is the most important one of the partners, and play a role in the China Unicom mobile phone music, reading business, intelligent customer service etc.. The future, China Unicom will together with China Xunfei, for Chinese Unicom users bring more innovative products, let China Unicom users in more scenarios under feel "because the speech, iFLYTEK artificial intelligence technology so simple", also let us feel Xunfei in speech technology always uphold the spirit of craftsman. Exhibition staff photo iFLYTEK as the Asia Pacific region’s largest artificial intelligence and intelligent voice of listed companies, as of now, more than 20 partners, more than 3 billion times daily interaction. From "let the machine will be able to listen to".相关的主题文章: