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Traditional Chinese medicine tea can keep in good health? 5 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine tea for the elderly should not drink – Food Channel – People’s original title: Chinese herbal tea can health? 5 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine tea for the elderly should not drink tea is now a lot of old people’s favorite, that has the role of health care. Here, it is necessary to remind the old friends of the Chinese herbal tea, although there are many effects, but there are some tea is not appropriate to drink, otherwise there will be side effects, affecting our health. 5 elderly people should not drink herbal tea such as Sterculia is pure: Sterculia is only suitable for traditional Chinese medicine, heat toxin invasion caused by throat hoarse voice, with hoarse vocal nodules and vocal dysraphism or caused by excessive alcohol and tobacco, with sterculia lychnophora invalid. Moreover, drinking will produce thin stool, chest tightness. Other side effects, especially the elderly and sudden aphonia spleen deficiency should be used with caution. Although Cassia Cassia: lipid-lowering effect, but also can cause diarrhea, long-term drinking is harmful to health. Licorice: long term use of licorice can cause high blood pressure. Although licorice has the effect of invigorating spleen and replenishing qi, clearing heat and detoxicating, it can cause edema and high blood pressure. Ginkgo biloba: containing toxic ingredients of Ginkgo biloba, the tea can cause paroxysmal spasm, paralysis, allergies and other side effects. Ginkgo biloba is toxic, can not drink tea. Flower: flower tea, is not absolutely safe, such as drinking wild Chrysanthemum Tea after a few people appear stomach discomfort, poor appetite, loose stool, bowel gastrointestinal reaction, spleen deficiency, pregnant women should not. The expert points out, do not flower, herbal supplements when drinking. In addition, both the dose is too large or take too long, may have toxic side effects. Chinese herbal tea is taking more attention should be paid attention to because of improper use of Western medicine may cause harm to the body. In addition, the elderly need to pay attention to tea time oh. The elderly 4 time: fasting should not drink tea because tea contains caffeine, alkaloids, fasting tea easy to intestinal absorption of too much caffeine, which will make some people have hyperthyroidism symptoms, such as palpitation, dizziness, weakness in the limbs, distrait etc.. Do not drink tea, especially in the early morning fasting tea, more prone to these symptoms. This is called once drunk, drunk, can I drink some candy or sugar to alleviate. Relative to young people, the old man’s stomach is more fragile, suffering from gastric and duodenal ulcer in the elderly but not fasting tea, especially tea. Because of too much tannic acid will stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa, leading to exacerbations, indigestion or constipation caused by some will. When drunk tea has the role of excitatory nerve center, drunk after drinking tea will increase the burden on the heart. For heart and kidney function of the elderly poor, especially not to drink a lot of tea drink; by eating a lot of fruit or a small mouth to drink vinegar and other methods, to speed up the body’s speed to ease the The new supersedes the old., drunk. Before going to bed: tea of theophylline and other substances, after being absorbed by the body, there are significant excitatory effects on the central nervous system, tea will make the spirit of excitement, affect sleep, and even lead to insomnia, especially the new mining Green Tea, the more obvious effect. And tea has diuretic相关的主题文章: