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3 + top Premier League lost home court draws off with fans of the toxic? Kuamut vortex [collection] Manchester 1-1 o KUN Middlesbrough midfielder to tie up all the home court for the most furious Guardiola sports news November 6th with Manchester City Tencent (data) 1-1 with the poor state of Middlesbrough, Guardiola’s team quietly created six years to the Etihad stadium this is embarrassing record: since November 2010, six years of city the first three league games home court! Tencent sports members added benefits, enjoy all the Premier League games! Click to view the > > > as everyone knows, an important reason for Manchester City in recent years in the Premier League record, is the city with a devil home court. Especially the two win of the season: 2011-12 season, Manchester City Premier League 19 home court scored 18 wins and 1 winning percentage as high as 94.7%; the 2013-14 season, Manchester City 19 Premier League home court scored 17 wins and 1 draws and 1 losses, winning percentage of 89.5%. So the public, Etihad stadium is in recent years the league’s most hell devil stadium. But no one expected at the beginning of the season, smooth, exclusive Manchester City, in recent years the League continuous drop points, it is a problem of home court. Nearly three Premier League home court, Manchester City 3 1-1 score respectively draw with Everton and Southampton, Middlesbrough, achievement since November 2010, the first time in six years, three consecutive league winless streak home court. Another set of data is also quite embarrassing: Manchester City 6 home court League this season with 3 wins, winning only 50%, 6 battlefield goals were 2; 5 games with 4 wins, winning percentage as high as 80%, 5 games 2.6 goals. Compared with home and away winning and scoring rate, you can see the "road" is far better than Manchester City "home court". Why Manchester City home instead of playing away good? For many reasons, but one important reason is that rivals Manchester city came to the home court, always in front of the door put out the "bus array", to play and to standby with Manchester city. So the game tends to become Manchester open metal matrix, in the situation of not scoring. For example, today, Middlesbrough on 0-1 behind the premise, still often is 11 total reduction in our side defense, even they have transmission control advantages, but the face of the opponent cross into the box ten brawny twenty legs also said of an aged person. Once the city Jiugong, or is unable to expand the score ahead, city players will inevitably impetuous attitude, the opponent to seize the aircraft succeeded in very simple routines to attack. On the other hand, this is the city’s own choice. This season in the home court tournament, Guardiola often played odd array, for example fullback Kolarov guest defender; such as front sent on 5-6 an attacker, etc.. In the home court game, Manchester City after the defense often only 2-3 individuals (count, this also let the opponent goalkeeper) "bus + attack" game play. In any case, is a foundation of home court record well over the years in the Premier League Manchester City win. In recent years, the city twice won the Premier League championship season, the 2 season 38 Premier League home court scored 35 wins, only 3 matches. But melon)相关的主题文章: