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Internet-Marketing Digital Marketing – 2014 in Review It was an interesting year for digital marketing. The number of businesses offering digital marketing services increased globally and at lightning fast pace. Digital marketing is based on using cell phones, .puters and other digital devices to expand sales and marketing across an electronic medium. As such, digital marketing, by association with these .munication devices provided an excellent opportunity to "push the envelope" to the limits. In 2014, more small, local and regional businesses realized the importance of social media as a promotional operative. By mid-2014, even the most reluctant business owners clearly recognized the need to implement digital marketing into their daily business. From Digital Marketing to Hi-Tech Digital Marketing In 2014, digital marketing advanced to the hi-tech level. Digital marketing became visible in videos across digital mediums. Today, digital marketing represents a 48 percent growth rate since 2010. With millions of businesses worldwide turning to digital marketing, the International Chamber of .merce in a 2011 report recognized the need for protecting consumer privacy and protection of consumer and user data. It can be said that the speedy growth of digital marketing spawned growth in data protection. 2014 Digital Marketing Trends In terms of actual performance of digital marketing, the biggest trend in 2014 was recognizing the need for updating of information to keep it fresh and current. In terms of sector growth, content marketing in 2014 increased by 29.2 percent while mobile marketing increased by 15.1 percent according to a poll taken by Smart Insights (smartinsights..). Interestingly, this poll showed that Google + SEO digital marketing brought an increase of 5 percent of market share. Conversion rate and marketing automation define process and improvement. These showed lesser growth in 2014. Studying 2014 Trends for Digital Marketing An overall study of trends for digital marketing clearly shows that online purchases are outpacing all other marketing trends. For sales among department stores and shopping malls, this could be a significant bellwether sign of the future of consumerism. Another trend in digital marketing is related to content. Content marketing showed a representational growth in 2014. However, these trends also portend a demand for higher quality content and more frequent updating of sites to improve quality. In addition, content marketing has begun to employ the use of video, audio and back links to support the basis upon which quality emanates. 2014 Investment Trends in Digital Marketing Among the most significant trends in digital marketing, investments play a large role in the direction digital marketing will pursue. On March 28, 2014, for example, IBM announced a $100 million investment in Digital Marketing IBM Interactive Experience New York Office as reported by dmnews… IBM, being a blue chip US business, clearly sees the future of digital marketing and is willing to invest $100 million in it to insure IBM remains in a key position. For investors looking for a proactive venture in which to invest, digital marketing has many advantages. For example, cell phones are an ideal device to propagate a wider market share. This technology is here to stay. For investors, their ROI is fairly stable. Digital Marketing and Mobile Devices This is also true for other mobile devices like notebooks. In 2013, these devices were sold mainly for personal use. In 2014, businesses realized the true value of notebooks lies with their convenience to their sales staff and as a way to remain constantly in touch with their sales/marketing staff. Gone are the old days of costly .pany brochures and sales personnel lugging around an attach case loaded down with sales materials. A simple notebook can produce in full color in digital form the product or service. Customers appreciate the one-to-one digital marketing technique. This is one way that digital marketing saves businesses money and increases sales. Digital Marketing for the Future There’s no question digital marketing is a necessity for businesses. Trends of 2014 prove this. Keep content sharp and fresh and across all digital mediums. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: